Just Diagnosed and Mascetomy booked

I was diagnosed last Friday following 2 lots of core biopsies and then told I would be having a mascetomy on 26 February. Still feeling shell shocked. I have 2 x grade 2 of about 8.2mm and numerous small nodules in the same area spreading over 21 mm which is in the upper right quadrant.  Speaking to the consultant, its not known if I will have to have radiotherapy.  I haven’t been offered and implant. He spoke about reconstruction in 10 months time and seemed to advise against it. Is this usual? 


Has anyone had experience of Sentinel Node Imaging with the dye to mark the lymph nodes?  I’m terribly claustophobic and this is adding to my pre-surgery worry.  I had a bone scan last year and it was a large square box that came down on the body.  What is it like?


All this came about after finding a pea-size lump which was painful after knocking myself. The other nodules and tumours didn’t show up on the mammagram and only the ultra-sound. I feel lucky it’s been found so early.  Thanks to everyone for supporting each other. (Angela )

Hi Angela


I’m sorry I can’t answer your specific question but I wanted to acknowledge your post and offer you my sympathy. Shell-shocked is a good way of describing the blow. It’s a huge emotional trauma, not helped by all the additional tests which really add to the stress. I remember being horrified at the thought of being radioactive when I had my bone scan but, if you’re open about your anxiety, staff are very supportive. 


I hadn’t heard of the node imaging and it makes good sense - I had full axillary clearance which is a bit brutal but 19 of the 21 nodes were affected so it was necessary. Personally, I’d call my GP and explain that I need some help with all this. They may prescribe a mild sedative to take to help you through. My oncologist prescribed 2 lorazepam before each chemo to ensure I didn’t have a panic attack and do a runner (my claustrophobia includes feeling trapped if I know I can’t leave and when you are cannulated and on a drip, run you can’t. It was a tremendous load off my mind and I got through each chemo comfortably (but not away with the fairies). It’s worth a try if it’s a real problem for you.


Make sure you get advice from here before your op - front fastening pjs and loose clothes, for example. But first you need to get your head round this test. I wish you the very best of luck.

Jan (all clear now) x

Hi I’m sorry your going through this it’s scarey when all new. I can’t help with your first question but the sentinel node imaging was fine, no tunnel, mine was a scanner on an arm which moved over you. Didn’t hurt either xxxxx