Just diagnosed and overwhelmed

I had lobular cancer in 2016, mastectomy and lymph node clearance, oestrogen positive, on Letrozole. That was hard but I found out today I have a 7cm lobular, grade 2, triple negative and possibly inflammatory cancer in the other side, CT and MRI scans still to do but likely chemo, mastectomy and lymph nodes, radiotherapy.  This seems so much worse and everything I read just terrifies me.  Can anyone relate and calm me down?

Forest rambler Sorry you’ve not had response yet :two_women_holding_hands: please keep off dr Google always guaranteed to send anyone into orbit and we’ve all done it though Please do phone the number on here and speak to a nurse You will receive professional guidance and be able to ask away anything at all As you can on the threads and everyone cares even if we can’t answer your specific question everyone does care :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

You would not be human if you weren’t very demoralised by having to deal with cancer again, and in the other breast. I have also felt let down by my feeble body especially as I am thin, do loads of exercise and I am the very model of a good citizen. It’s my bad luck to have had bad acne for years, apparently a risk factor, no children ditto, been getting older for 19 years since my first diagnosis and maybe God doesn’t like me.

I am a believer in science and genetics so I kicked the God idea out of touch, but I believe that progress is being made, more note is taken of our views even if we are ladies or rather WOMEN who have silly heads and can’t understand anything as we are dimwits. oh dear listen to me I must shut up. I wish you all the luck and as Churchill said, often quoted by Boris, when you are going through hell, keep on going. Seagulls

I just had a mammogram a couple of months ago and they found cancer, had a double mastectomy within weeks and I must say it’s been one of the most positive experiences of my life. The surgeon and nurses were fantastic. I’m 53 so not bothered about my chest. so much, I can live without. it I was more worried about not waking up from the anaesthetic. I have a court case I want to finish so wanted to continue with that. I was elated I woke up. When I was in hospital after my surgery there were women in there with, in my opinion worse cancers. I regard myself as extremely lucky. There are worse cancers than breast cancer and in my opinion it’s one of the better ones to have. Double mastectomy was easy for me. I was treated like a baby in hospital. It’s all good.