just diagnosed! grade 3, 37mm

Thank you.

I will be having chemo anyway - whether I am Her2 positive or not, so I guess it will either be included or not depending on my results.


Hopefully you will have all the pieces of the jigsaw soon and will know exactly what is happening and when .

i have had my her 2 results today so i now have to have chemo again, i feel like ive been punched in the stomach, i feel so sick and i just want all this to stop!! also had a core biopsy and markers today so feelin really sore. my kids are 13, 9 and 4… just feel so bad i havent the strength in me to carry on as normal

i mean that its her2 positive and i have to have chemo first

So surgery cancelled ?

You will have some time to prepare don’t panic ,you will get lots of support and advice here .

Hi fairy , it is so very unfair that you are having to deal with this at your age and with a young family but you will find a way to cope and the more information you get about exactly what’s going to happen with help you so much I promise! The minute we get a cancer diagnosis we think it’s game over but it really isn’t like that with breast cancer, it is such a treatable disease.


You are going through all the normal emotions right now, fear and disbelief cos this happens to other people not you! But you will gain a strength you didn’t know you had and you just cope because what is the choice otherwise.


They do get you on the treatment train quickly so dont be panicked by this it’s totally normal, I had my op within 2 weeks of diagnosis, all of us here know just how your feeling right now and the over whelming anxiety your going through, I felt my life just stopped on that day of diagnosis and everything just seemed pointless but over two years on I’ve seen my son marry and am about to be a Nanna and life couldn’t be better! 

I was 46 and felt far too young so I can just imagine how you feel but we’ve had younger ladies and even pregnant ladies here, it is quite unbelievable! 

Keep talking to us love always someone around to listen Xx Jo 

yes it will have to be cancelled until after chemo so i have app with oncology thurs then start next week… any opinions on the cold cap?

I can sympathise totally - my kids are 13, 8 and 16 months and I feel like the holidays so far have been a complete washout! The older 2 don’t seem to mind as they are happy playing computer games and winding each other up with Nerf guns but it’s hard work trying to stay ‘up’ for the littlest (he has no idea what is going on, obviously)… I’m hoping this will just be temporary. I am having chemo first followed by surgery and had a marker put in place last week. I am awaiting my CT scan (on Sunday) before they can start any treatment.


There is a thread re cold cap - seems to work well for some but not others .Look in chemotherapy section .Worth a try.

Do you have good family support Nic?

nik nik im also worried its spread waitin for biopsy results of lymph nodes but at least all other results are in and im lookin at startin chemo next week… its horrible when the kids are so young… i look at my 4 yr old daughter and just break down inside thinking whats gonna happen to me… do u no what grade yours is

Yes mine is grade 3 unfortunately. And it is in ‘multiple’ lymph nodes (biopsy was done at the same time as biopsy of tumour). It is 24mm.

I’m freaking out completely and am having to take sleeping tablets at night just to be able to rest. I’m lucky I have a fab husband who is on hand.

This is a truly awful time isn’t it?


is her2 bad?

Hi Fairy, for her2+, there is now an effective targetted treatment, so outcomes are good now.
ann x

im really scared i wont respond to treatment and i dont know how to get myself out of this rut. ive got oncology thurs now to get chemo planned hopefully for next week and a heart scan the same day. thank you for all your support. just awaitin lymph node biopsy result now so another thing to panic about

I feel the same! Every time I start to get my head round things, the next panic kicks in (I’m still panicking about my CT scan this weekend)… just try to take one step at a time… no point worrying about something you don’t know to be true.

Huge hugs coming your way xxx

Hi fairy
I’m sure you are feeling like we all are! Scared and devasted! All our situations are different but if I have any questions I write them down so can ask at appointment! The nurses are brilliant!

I’ve had a lumpectomy already, and now waiting for chemo to start, another op, radiotherapy and then tablets!

I’m 51 but still classed as young I guess and that’s why we need the chemo to kill any cells that might be still there, then op to rid of pre cancerous cells and lymph nodes out and then radiotherapy to prevent it coming back.

You will understand it more as you go along although there is a lot to take in when you are emotionally drained too!

And this forum (which I only just joined 2 days ago) has helped as there are many ladies in similar circumstances who really do understand.xx

lymph node biopsy was negative which is good, was only dodgy one they could see on ultrasound however only the sentinal node removal durin surgery can clarify i believe x