Just diagnosed this week

Hello, I just received my diagnosis of breast cancer on Monday this week, the 19th. The doctor was quite hopeful to start with that it was something benign, probably a cyst, then the ultra-sound showed up that it wasn’t a cyst and I had to have a biopsy. So it’s all come as quite a shock. One minute I’m OK, the next I’m in tears, and it’s hard to concentrate on anything. I’m a counsellor so used to dealing with other people’s emotional traumas, so at one level I can be quite sensible about the emotions I’m going through, but on another level I feel in a heap. I’m lucky to have supportive friends, but feel I need to connect with people who are going through the same sort of thing. I have to have a lumpectomy on August 3rd followed by radiotherapy and I think it’s the thought of the operation that’s the most terrifying - well, it’s the thought of general anaesthetic actually, fears about not waking up etc - which is totally irrational I know, but … there we go. I’d be happy to hear any experiences. Thanks.

Hi julianne

Firstly, welcome to our discussion forums, I’m sure you will find them a great source of information and support.

Just whilst you are waiting for responses to your post, I thought I would give you the link to our resources pack which has been produced specifically for those who are newly diagnosed. It’s filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available so should be really helpful for you.

Here’s the link, the pack can be ordered through the site:


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Hi Julianne

I had a lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy 2 weeks ago. It really was no problem at all (apart from not being able to eat or drink for the day). I had never had a general before and I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks so I was amazed how easy it all was. Is it a day surgery operation? If so can you take someone in with you?

Best of luck



There’s nothing irrational about your fears, we all have them. It sounds like you caught it early if they’re not doing anything re: lymph nodes and they haven’t mentioned chemo. Thats a good thing and you should be through the whole experience in no time. I’m not trying to trivialise your situation, just looking at the positive side.

Julia xx

Hi julianne

Nothing you are feeling at the moment is irrational. You have had a shock and now you are faced with invasive treatment. Don’t be hard on yourself. So far, I have to say, though I was terrified of hospitals and anaesthetics, that part of the experience was absolutely fine. Nurses were lovely and took great care of me.I had to have two operations and although I didnt want the second op. My experience of the first one reassured me and I was much calmer. I hope your operation goes well. good luck. dx

Hi Julianne

I don’t think there is a normal way to deal with receiving the news, so i wouldn’t worry about irrational … nothing about this situation is rational. I’ve been diagnosed for about a month now - but i remember what i was like 4 weeks ago, one day was living my life the next i felt it had been taken from me. The mix emotions of everything was impossible to see straight and i never knew i had so many tears thought they would never stop. But they do - don’t get me wrong they still come and go.

As for your hospital fear there really is nothing to worry about, i’m going in on Wednesday for my 3rd operation in 4 weeks, all of them under general. The strangest bit i find is being wheeled around the hospital in a strange bed - when i’m perfectly capable of walking. (hopefully the nurse won’t drive you into the wall as they did on number 2 - but you have to laugh). All the staff were wonderful and i didn’t even know i was being put under … until i woke up. Everyone reacts different to it, but i’m fortunate to wake straight up and am usually out the door in a couple of hours.

It will all be fine and you will wake up, its just a really restful hour or so.

I hope everything goes well … positive thoughts


Thanks all for your replies.
Yes I am having day surgery and have a friend who is coming with me.
Everybody is being very reassuring - I met a friend’s cousin last night who has had breast cancer and it was really helpful to talk to her.
Doesn’t stop the anxieties though.
I’m off to the Isle of Wight next week for a few days before my op - get some sea air!
Wishing you all well.