Just diagnosed triple negative breast cancer

Hi, this is my first post, I’m devastated & scared. I’m hoping I can get some positive stories & a few questions answered.

I’m 42, I have two children aged 5 & 9.

i have been told my cancer is triple negative, grade 3. At this stage I have been told stage 1 as the ultrasound had not detected anything in my lymph nodes. I am due to have surgery in a few weeks & originally was told a lumpectomy but after the mri I was told I need a mastectomy as the tumour is larger than the original 1.8mm although they did not tell me the exact size as they stated it was hard to clarify. After that I’m having chemo 6 rounds & then radiotherapy. I opted for the surgery first.

my lump is extremely painful I’ve been told it’s due to the biopsy, I also injured my breast in the exact place I found the lump this is how I came across it (fate maybe) I’ve been told it’s the bruising around the lump. The pain is either radiating or sudden sharp pains & I don’t think it’s from the injury or biopsy. Did anyone else get pain? 

I’ve been on google ( I know the worst thing to do) I read this type of cancer can spread through your blood stream rather than lymph nodes? I’m terrified can someone clarify if this is true? 

I am also due to have the test for the brca gene.

My head is all over the place I feel so low & just want to sleep so I can forget everything. I’m scared I won’t see next year& my babies won’t have a mum.

Any positivity would be appreciated x

Hi Tracey,

Sorry you find yourself here, but a warm welcome anyway. 

There are quite a few here with a TN diagnosis, who will be along shortly, you’re certainly not alone with this & we’ve all gone through those difficult days of early diagnosis. It is such a shock. 

The good thing is, treatments are getting better all the time & now it’s been diagnosed, it can be sorted. Outcomes are excellent now. 

It really is best to avoid google, as in the early days, we are in shock, are thrown into a whole new world & not really in a place when we can sort the wheat from the chaff.  Also, there’s a lot of out of date info there & most of it is not relevent to you. It’s best to rely in your team, or use reputable sites like this one, Macmilan, Cancer research UK, NHS Choices. 

When you start chemo, do look at the monthly chemo threads, where you’ll be able to share with others going through similar. 

Sending hugs

ann x