just diagnosed triple negative

hi on the 11 Th July I found a bruise on my right breast,  my doctor fast tracked me  as we could also feel a lump. It turned out to be triple negative  grade 3  2 cm and in 2 lymph nodes. Im having a lumpectomy and  lymph node clearance then chemo and radiation. Everything was moving fast with appointments the week after diagnosis i had a heart scan, a mag seed placed in the lump, a talk to the breast nurses and a pre op on the 18th of august. Since my pre op 14 days ago i have had no other appointments or any contact at all. I have just been either waiting for the postman everyday or sat by the phone. Does anyone know how long it usually is between pre op and op. im worried sick that the longer it takes the more damage its causing. i thought i was handling it really positively since diagnosis but the waiting has been stressful. I eventually phoned today to find out but the operation list hasn’t come through yet. sorry for my longish post x x

Hi sorry you find yourself on here Keep chasing daily for an op date, also ring the number on here and ask for some guidance but do keep on at your unit daily, you should have been assigned a breast nurse when you were diagnosed, they should be helping you. But please do keep chasing :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx