Just diagnosed with BC.

HI I’m MariM and I had a biopsy on Feb 08, 2017 and my obgyn scored me with a general surgeon on Feb 23 that is when I got the news that I had breast cancer. I cried my eyes out because that’s not what I was expecting to hear. I’m terrified of the process it feels like I’m in a dream that I want so bad to wake up from. I go to oncologist and a medicine doctor tomorrow and don’t know what to expect.

Hi MariM,

Hello and welcome to the place you don’t want to be, but the best place when you are diagnosed.

I was the same as you last November when I was diagnosed with BC. I was terrified and so scared.

You will have scans and results and this will be a horrible waiting time, but at the end of it you will get your treatment plan and I promise you, you will feel better.

I started my first chemo yesterday and surprising feel good, although I am wide awake at the moment ?

Normal procedure, is mammogram, ultra sound scan, biopsy (that didn’t hurt) although did ache for a few days later. Then you wait and go back for your results. A CT scan or MRI can be asked for as well - these are all normal procedures.

I hope your appointment goes well today,

Sending you big hugs


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Hi Mari, I’m so glad you’ve found this forum early on in the process - there are some amazing folk on here and it really does help you through. I was in shock for a week or two when I got my first biopsy results last May (high grade DCIS) - it feels like you’ve gone into a different reality where everything is strange and scary but, as others have said, it does start to fall into place after a while. Hang on in there, this first part where there are more questions than answers is so difficult (I’m back to waiting for different biopsy results and finding it really hard to manage my anxiety) but it does get better.

Lots of positive thoughts to you x