Just diagnosed with cancer


Hi my name is Carmen, I will be 70 years in three weeks time. I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer grade 2 size 5mm with lobular features.In the ultrasound it shows that lymph nodes not effected.At the moment I don’t know much more.I have appointment with surgeon either today or tomorrow.Can anyone help me either with similar experience or what I expect to go through. I am terrified of chemo.Thanks for any help.



Hi Carmen, sorry you have had to join our club but we all try to help support each other and I hope you find the same here, I was diagnosed in February with a Grade 1  4mm cancer with no node involvement, my treatment was lumpectomy and Sentinal nodes removed , 2 in my case but it varies depending on where your tumour is as it drains to different nodes, I then had 3 weeks of Radiotheraphy and am on Tamoxifen as mine is hormone positive, Chemo isn’t a certain especially if your nodes are clear and also can depend on grade and size of tumour, it’s likely you won’t need it so try not to get too far ahead of yourself, I know it’s really hard not to but it’s all doable and my op and treatment were fine and I’ve no lasting effects really and feel on top form now! take care Xx Jo 

Hi Carmen I am 71 diagnosed early July op 16 July loads of other tests but started chemo 29 September. I hate hospitals needles blood etc but you do it because you know you have to. If you have to have chemo have a line of some sort fitted it makes life easier. I have to say this forum has been a great source of information. I have picked up loads of tips and at the moment I am coping. Like all the other ladies on here loosing your hair is a big thing but the wigs are very good and I bought loads of lovely 1920’s hats to wear this winter. I have as yet not lost my hair but I know I will. Please just take things as they come read the other Ladies eateries on here and you will find support. I think you are the only one at our age so we can compare notes. I live near Halifax in .yorkshire mine was grade 3 with node involvement had mastectomy and my prognosis is good. Good luck with your treatment.

Eateries where did that come from I typed entries predictive text gr gr