Just diagnosed with DCIS and considering delayed reconstruction

Hi everyone, i am 41 and was just diagnosed with DCIS yesterday (most of what I was told was a blur) and been told I’ll need a mastectomy. I am being adviced not to go for immediate reconstruction because I am still TTC. Dr reckons if they use tummy fat might be harder to conceive and will be probably another 3years before I can TTC. So Consultant has advised I have mastectomy, continue TTC and then do reconstruction later on after children. Is there anyone who has had a mastectomy and a delayed reconstruction? How did you feel after surgery? How did you feel wearing a prosthesis?

Hi MrSO - I’m from the monthly chemo thread May 2017 starter. I’m 49 - got a small lump in my breast and DCIS in another area of the breast - I had chemo first - which finished 3 weeks ago - I’m having a right mx and complete lymph nodes removal on the same side next Tuesday. I have been advised any reconstruction will be 12/18 months - I’m going to see how I feel - at the moment I don’t think I’m going to worry about it - the thought of more surgery etc is not what I can think of right now - but of course, 12/18 months away is a long time and I may well change my mind. There is another lady on my thread who had surgery first and then chemo - she’s had same operation as me and she says it’s all fine and she’s not looking for reconstruction. Her user name is Raitchr - so if you come to our thread you could ask her directly about surgery and how she feels. Jay x

Hi MrSo and Jay68

I have just seen your posts and thought I’d pass on my experience - not quite the same but might help.


I too had a lump plus DCIS so had chemo followed by right mx and complete lymph nodes removal. I had an implant put in at the same time as the mx, then went on to have radiotherapy. Unfortunately the implant is a bit big so I am wearing a prosthesis over my left boob to even me up. Once the prosthesis is in my bra I really don’t notice it.


I don’t know your full stories and why you are being advised to wait for reconstruction, but if you wanted any info about having an implant immediately I’m happy to answer.


All the best to you both for your surgery and treatment.

Evie x

Dear Jay, thanks very much for your reply and information. I appreciate it. x

Dear Evie-S, thanks for your reply and information too. I don’t want implants put in and because the doctor reckons because we are still trying to conceive, that doing the reconstruction with belly fat is not a good idea because we will have to wait Close 3/4yeara to start trying to get pregnant. She feels delaying the reconstruction and doing it after we have gotten pregnant and had the baby.
I’ve also been told won’t need chemo or radiotherapy after surgery but might be on tamoxifen for about 5 years. x

Jay68, I pray all goes well with your surgery next week x

Thanks a lot.
I’ve come to terms with it now and know I’ll be ok. Saw my BCN yesterday and she says I might need chemo now.
I am trusting God that all will go ok.
Sending you hugs x

Hi Evie,
I have had grade 2 removed. They found DCIS and now recommending mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Di you have the flap version or implant? Thanks X