Just diagnosed with Liver and Lung Mets


I was orginally diagnosed with grade 3 invasive ductal April 2016 with lymoh node involvement.  Had 4 FEC, 4 taxol, then bilateral mastectomy and lymoh node removal followed by 15 round radiotherapy. ER mildlly positive so effectively triple negative.   My active treatment finished in Jan 2017.  In May I started havng a dry annoying cough - was back at work and everyone had something so wasn’t initially worried.  After 4 weeks and it was still hanging around I had a chest xray which was clear but still had the cough.  Oncologist advised a CT scan and I was due to see her for my 6 month check too.  Felt fairly ok until started having pain in my legs that felt like sciatica about 2 weeks ago - also started feeling more tired.  Anyhow - this has got progressively worse and then started having pain my ribs - this is due to the size of my liver…

Anyhow - got CT results today - large tumour on liver. one in lungs too.  Started steroids todayand starting paciltaxol on tuesday - need to see how respond to chemo… Would appreciate any words of wisdom…xx

Hello missy
Welcome to the forum and where real people are here for advice, support and most of all kindness.
I can’t really help but I’m thinking as you are triple negative you might be younger.
Phew …you haven’t had any rest bite between primary and secondary which is an awful lot to deal with but hey hoo …your oncologist is on the ball with a positive treatment plan .
Sending hugs xxxx

Hi Missy1,

I just wanted to say hi and welcome you to the group nobody wanted to join xx

So sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. I am on this group on behalf of my mum. She is currently on paclitaxel too.

Please stay strong-your oncologist sounds on the ball which is good. Always here if you want to chat xxx let us know how you get on Tuesday xxx

Welcome Missy 1, I’m sorry you had to join this group! We are a lovely lot of ladies! Yes, we all have been given a rotten journey, but we still find ways to LIVE!! It is a scary journey and we all have our tears, fears, and beers to get us through. What, I’ve found through this rough road is that you have to find happiness to continue. If you can’t find some happy times you might not as well be here. I don’t know my level of estrogen positive, but my said it was low and that hormonal wouldn’t work for me. After 10 years of chemo, I argued and got him to let me try it! He wanted to rebiopsy to see what level it was. I said no! I said when you try a new chemo in me it is hit or miss if it will work, so we are going to play hit or miss with a hormonal. I had letrozole/pablociclib. It worked for 21 months. Now on another hormonal combo. Scans next week. So, don’t give up on hormonal, but I would blast it with chemo and get it knocked back. Good luck! You can do this! 


Hugs, FF


PS… You will find me posting at weird times and my English a little different.I’m from the state’s.

Hi Missy1,
I’m in a similar position, large liver tumour, widespread FDG uptake in the lung area (though no descreet tumours on PET CT) & bone mets in pelvis & spine. I’m on my first round of Eribulin + denusomab + filagristam. My initial diagnosis was March 2014, with MBC diagnosis Sept 2015.
I’m not sure I can offer wisdom but I’m very willing to share ideas and thoughts and feelings if it helps.
Jo xxx

Thanks for the replies - yep is **bleep** to be posting on here but am not giving up just yet!  Have been back on the horse but the pain in my back and legs is stopping me being able to trot well which is a bugger.  However the steroids have already made a difference as I couldnt have got on the horse coz of the leg pain before starting them on thursday.  Just being on the horse made me smile :slight_smile: Guess is fingers crossed for some response to chemo now - roll on tuesday.  If anyone in the meantime has any tips on drugs/pain relief that may be able to help with the back/leg/liver pain further would appreciate any words of advice.  Am taking oramorph at the mo but doesn’t help with the nerve pain.  Who knew that the size of your liver could cause so many issues?! 

Nikki xx

Hi Missy1,
Glad to hear you got back in your horse, those moments of pleasure make such a difference. The only thing I can think to recommend is Milk Thistle for the liver pain. I started taking it straight after my scan which showed my liver tumour growth and I am sure that it eased the pain in my ribs on the right side. It is a herbal remedy I get from my local health food shop, you can take it in a number of forms - I chose a tincture which I add to herbal tea. I can’t remember who recommended it to me but I checked with my pharmacist at the oncology unit and he said it was fine to use it, though I am on Eribulin & I think you may be on Paclitaxol??
Anyway, I hope your treatment is going OK and you’re still out on you horse as much as possible.
Hugs, Jo

Hi Nikki,
I initially had very bad nerve/sciatica pain due to bone mets. My onc recommended Gabapentin which I resisted as I was scared of side effects. Anyway I did start taking it and found it was a great help. I’m on pregabalin now as I eventually got tolerant of the gabapentin but the pregabalin is a huge help for me now as well.
Best wishes
Waffles xxx

Hi ladies, so sad to be joining this group. I was diagnosed grade 3 stage 2 ductal carcinoma Er+ in January, and have had a WLE, half my LN showed signs of cancer and I went on to have chemo ,which I struggled with so had to be cut short. I was hospitalised after every session. I currently have 5 lots of radiotherapy to finish. On Thursday I met with my Onco for the results of a second CT scan. This shows mets in both lungs, and I am beyond shocked. I really feel it is pointless to continue as I have fought so hard over the last eight months just to get to this far and was looking forward to ringing the bell on Friday. My Onco seems very pragmatic about it saying there are treatment options . The mets all look tiny at the moment, but I am really struggling to come to terms with more treatment. Done nothing but cry since Thursday , which is so very unlike me. X

Hi Anniej, I’m so sorry to hear your news, it is incredibly tough, particularly when you were ready for ‘the bell’ and the positive feelings that go with that. It is still so fresh & will no doubt take some more time to come to terms with. Please don’t give up. Once you have given yourself time to come to terms with the news you will hopefully find a way to move forward, to find a way to live with your illness and still enjoy life. Be kind to yourself. All over these forums and online there are stories of people who are living fulfilling lives despite the most unlikely circumstances. From my own personal experience (two years after a metastatic diagnosis -liver, bone, lung mets) I lead a very active life, I do get down sometimes and the treatment is tough sometimes but overall I still enjoy life. When the tough news comes I give myself a week or two to hibernate whilst I adjust. Love Jo xxx

Hello Annie
I’m sooo sorry to hear this …it’s bad enough to get primary bc but to get this huge kick in the butt is horrible But there are ladies here living well with lung mets .lovely Funny face is ten years I think with them and still like a duracell bunny with life.

After a few days …once you know the treatment plan you will be able to focus more …in the meantime. .finish the rads and ring the bell still.
Sending a very special hug xxxx

I’ve just been diagnosed with lung. I’m 70. I’m being treated for depression so I’m finding it hard. I admire you being so positive. I am positive in my outlook but it’s the depression that worries me.

Oh Annie I’m so sorry to hear that you have met I just stumbled on this post today, I thought I hadn’t heard from you for a while, I’m pleased to read your onc is looking after you well at the Freeman they are fantastic, I suspect you and me have same doc although we can’t name him on here if it is he is just the best will do everything he can to treat us in the best possible way x so pleased you are getting support from Maggies they have been invaluable to me when I needed them too again we are lucky to have them, please take care of yourself Annie sending big hugs and positive vibes x

Glad to hear your doctor is looking after you Annie not quite finished chemo had an bad time with it and on 5th infusion had a severe reaction meaning no more of that drug so had to be started on Abraxane for last two infusions on Wed so far so good just keeping everything crossed no hospital admissions as out of 4 treatments had 3! One more to go after this then onto rads x pleased you are feeling more positive now x Take care x

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Im 70 also and had been suffering for 2 years prior with major. Depression. So was double whammy when diagnosed with lung mets. Finding it very difficult to cope. Have to get another
Scan to confirm it’s mets. Life is not good

Big hugs Clarence xxxx