Just diagnosed with secondary breast cancer

After 7 years, I’ve now been diagnosed with secondary.  It started with a lump in my neck, I’ve had ultra sound and core biopsy on it and a ct scan, and a mammogram.    I have to go for a bone scan today, then clinic for the results of the ct scan and mammogram on wednesday.  I have not  seen on this website where it has come back in anyone’s neck so I don’t really understand.  I have an appointment with the oncologist and have been told I will have chemo and probably radiotherapy.  I don’t feel in a very good place at the moment, though I’m sure I’ll feel better when I can get my head round everything.

Hi Laraine
Sorry you have had to join this group of secondary ladies but you will find a huge amount of support and information on this forum, and lots of ladies who have been living with secondaries for many years (8 years for myself)
It is such a shock to be diagnosed with secondaries, mine were found in my bone 4 years after my original primary. After hormonal treatment for 6 years I had a spread to my lymph glands and it manifested itself as a lump in my neck so an enlarged lymph may be what you have experienced.
Although the various tests are nerve racking especially waiting for the results you will, I am sure, feel better when it is fully diagnosed and you have a treatment plan in place.
There are a huge range of chemo options and whilst chemo is never pleasant it is doable and again on this site you will find various threads discussing side effects etc of the various treatments.
Try to stay positive, although that’s not always easy I know, and come back to ask any questions you may have.
Sending best wishes and good luck,
Smartie x

Hi,laraine,so sorry about your new diagnosis. You have come to a great place for support ,advice or just a cyber hug. We have all been in the same place as you are and it does get better. You do have a lot to take in at the moment and you will be feeling very scared and that’s totally natural. Have a look at the inspiring stories on the SBC part that helps me when I’m feeling low.
I’m not sure about your neck but I’m sure one of the lovely ladies on here will be here to offer you help.
Sending you hug hugs and just ask us anything there’s always someone to offer support or advice,Helen xxxxxxxxxx

Hi Laraine. I am in a similar position to you. I have, or rather had! An enlarged lymph node in my neck. I had a CT scan which was clear apart from the node. I started on Gem/Taxol combination ( gemcitabine and pacliataxol). I’m having 6 cycles, two treatments per cycle. I have just completed the second cycle and my lymph node is nolonger palpable so great news. I’m managing the side effects well. I will be having radiotherapy afterwards. Progression was a big shock, but I felt much better once I had a treatment plan and very encouraged by my response. I hope my experience has helped. Please feel free to ask me questions, I do hope all goes well for you. Sending you lots of love Steph xxxx

Dear Laraine,
Along with support from your fellow users please don’t forget that you are welcome to call our helpliners for support and a listening ear, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 on 0808 800 6000

Here’s a link to the BCC secondary support and Information pages which you may find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Laraine, sorry to read your news. You must feel gutted that after 7 years it has reappeared :frowning: I think there could be quite a few of us who have had 2ndaries show up this way. I had quite a number of lymph nodes pop up around my collarbone, neck and up into my jawline round to my ears on both sides but they just couldnt get a biopsy from them, either too close to major arteries or too slippery to get a hold on! This was all back in 2002. I was originally dx in 1990 and had a lot of recurrences between then and 2002. Problem was her2  and herceptin wasnt around in the early days, nor I suppose was her2 heard of. After all the scans (bone, ct & MRI) I was found to have extensive bone mets. It was only when 2 lots of chemo didnt work for me after discovering the swollen lymph nodes that my onc thought to check the last lot of tissue from a mastectomy and found I was her2+++ . Jan 2004 I went on herceptin and that & bisphonates have kept me stable for the past 10 years.


It is hard for you now waiting for the scans and results but hang in there - there are so many more treatments around now and a lot of us making the most of these bonus years as I like to think of them. You will get a lot of support on the secondary forums here and between us all we have a lot of experience and will be very happy to share that with you whenever we can.




Hi Laraine. Just to say I will be thinking about you on Wednesday . I do hope that your scans are clear. I’m sure that you will feel better and more positive once you have a treatment plan in place, it is being in limbo that is so hard. You take care xxxxxxx