Just diagnosed with tnbc

Evening everyone, Well today was rubbish! I’ve just got back from my biopsy results. Triple negative grade three. Will be having an mri within two weeks to see if it has spread. I’m shaking so much right now. What if it has spread? What’s the prognosis for that? What am I supposed to do now! More waiting?!

I have the smallest breasts too-a cups! And one of them decides to get a 4.5cm tumor in it.

what do I do now?

Lops I’ve replied to you on another thread :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi @Lops  Sorry you have joined the lovely triple negative club and wishing you all the best with your MRI and treatment. My cancer was found through routine mammogram when it was smaller so I am in the difficult position of having to decide whether or not to have chemo, I had a wide area excision and sentinel node biopsy 4 weeks ago. The team will take good care of you. 

Hi, I know you posted back in April…

Just wondering how your TNBC journey is going.

I’m also TNBC stage 3

Sending love :heart: x