Just diagnosed

Hi all,

I was diagnosed yesterday on the 27th. It was a complete shock as i have had this lump tested since I found it in Dec 2008, mamogram came back -ve as well as biopsies. After second mammogram in Dec 2009 which they still said was benign and just lumpy breat tissue they gave me the choice to have the lump excised. So Glad i Made that choice now. I now have 2 go for all the tests so that it can be staged. Can’t sleep at the mo am v scared

Hi love your forum name! Shows you have a sense of humour and belive me you need it!
Sorry to here your news but you have come to the best place, this I think is the worst time waiting on tests and then results but take each day at a time.
If your not being able to sleep persists ask your doc for help! Or I find a couple of glasses of wine or sometimes warm milk really works for me.

Keep us posted, on your tests results etc, and just call in for a chat! thats why we are all here,
Take care love Teresa x

Thank u had Chest Xray today as well as bloods. Just waiting for appt for MRI, bone scan and ultrasound. Slight hangover this morning as had a couple of glasses of plonk. feel slightly better today

Hi Brad pitt wife 2b, I know how you’re feeling. it’s like repeat of what happend to me only sept09.Told i had bc then had to have mammogram,then chest xray then bloods then wait for MRI breast booth because they said my breasts were very dense.Time seemed to go so slowly my head spinning and emotions all over the place.started chemo in oct, to shrink tumour, now finished, mx op in feb.you wonder somtimes just how many scans etc they need.Thinking of you love Lesley.

so sorry that you have to join us here. But this site is amazing, for support/and understanding.

I was dx in Aug last year. Had my surgery now, and am half way though my chemo.

Thank you for the welcomes, still feel cack, was very teary when picked up ds from school but he gave me big hug and said i looked beautiful. Am tired so hope get good nights sleep. Do you know how long you have to wait before you get the results for lump to be staged and start treatment

Hi Brad Pitts wife 2b and welcome to the BCC forums.

I am sure you will continue to receive lots of support and information from your fellow forum users. I have posted a link below to our new resource pack which you may find helpful, it has been designed for those newly diagnosed, just click on the link to access the order form. You can also order more information publications on the same page by clicking on the links on the same page under the ‘quick order list’.


If you would like to speak to someone in confidence please do call our helpline on 0808 800 6000, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2, our team of specialist nurses and trained helpliners can offer you support and information. Hope this helps.

Best wishes

thank u Lucy

Hi mrs pitt2b, I was diagnised a year ago yesterday, ooh so we have a common bond. I had my biopsies done but the fine needle ones were inconclusive and got the results for the core one 48hours after,however, they did tell me that things looked highly suspicious so at least I was half prepared when they told me that I had an 11mm grade two tumour. I had my op a month after getting these results,think it does tend to vary tho,depending where you are in the country.
I was lucky in that only had a widelocal excision(WLE) and sentinal node biopsy and didn’t need chemo. Here I am a year down the line and out the other end,there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Waiting is the WORST ! Once you know what you are dealing with and have your treatment plan it does get a bit easier.You have so much to get your head around and for me it all seemed a bit surreal and like I was on some mad rollercoaster.There isn’t a right or wrong way to deal with it all but these forums have been a godsend for me,full of help and support and info and have made some great friends too. So if we can help you with any questions you have just ask away. Big hugs.

Sandra x

hi well i have had most of my tests done, just bone scan which is on Tuesday. However i am to start chemo, had another core biopsy yesterday on a suspicious lump. MRi pickedmnupnsomething in my lymph nodes. chemo planning meeting on monday. so the journey really starts now. surgery later after chemo