Just diagnosed

Hi all,
I found out on Monday that I have bc,had mamagramm ultra sound,needle and core biopsy all on Monday morning and had to go back Wednesday to find out what was going to happen,but instead had to have another core biopsy with ultrasound guidence as the 1st didn’t get the tissue.I now have to wait until next Wednesday for the results.Still quite stunned about it all they have said its a small lump.So I am going to try and put it to the back of my mind(bit hard with state of my left boob battered and bruised)and enjoy the weekend.Hope everyone has a good one too.

Hi Rhona,

So sorry to hear that you have BC. If they say it is a small lump then hopefully you will not need too much treatment. You will get much more info next week. I love your positive attitude, just keep it up as it will help you through. If things do get too much for you this is the place to rant and rave and get advice from those of us who have been there before you and have lived to tell the tale.

Fingers crossed for next week.


hi rhona!sorry u had to join us but ur very welcome!me 2 a newbie,i 2 went thru the same tests as u,in mon for wle and snd biopsy;totally cr***ing but hey ho gotta b done!the waiting for results v scary but ur in super company!not havin my op til mon but the fab ladies on this forum haven given me info,laughs,tears and most of all in not alone!hope all goes well 4 u love alex xx

hi rhona, welcome but sorry you have had to join us but this site is a godsend and a great source of advice and support take care love rachel x

hey hun

sorry you have had to join our club, only special people get in here you know !!! lol

try and keep buzy the weekend, i had to have 2nd lot of biopsys done, its the waiting thats the hardest…

we are all here to help when u need us. xxxxxxxxx the website is what has got me through x

Dear Rhona

So sorry that you have found yourself a member of this special club but the warmest of welcomes to you.

As said already by all, the “waiting room” is the very worst place to be and we have all been there. Like you I went on a Monday (28 Feb) and after five hours and all the procedures the Consultant Radiologist advised that yes it is cancer and that I need to return in two weeks for results. This I did on 9 March and I had my WLE/SLNB on Tuesday 29 March now got to wait again until 13 April for further results.

The whole “C” thing is more scary than anything any one of us has had to go through in the past and we are all in this together. We are all at different stages but we can completely understand your feelings and anxieties as we are having them too.

Keep posting on here, no question is silly or unwelcome. If we can help we will there is always someone who can give you the support you need. Do not research too much on the net, that is one piece of advice I was given at the beginning and was one of the best I have ever taken. Research on here or McMillan etc but do not get involved with the vast majority of sites that will only scare you with rubbish.

Do try to enjoy your weekend and keep smiling, we are all special and don’t ever forget that.

Lots of love
Tracy xxx

Hi Rhona

Welcome to The Club, and sorry you’ve joined. What the rest of them said, really. You might find the Publications part of this site very useful, and Macmillan I’ve also used quite a bit. If you have questions, or even if you just want to speak to a voice rather than typing, the helpline is terrific and staffed by very knowledgeable but non-judgemental people. Give them a ring up to 2pm today or from 9 on Monday morning, they’re lovely.

Hi Rhona

Firstly, welcome to the forums, I hope you are finding them to be a good source of information and support.

I’m sorry to read of your diagnosis, the first few days and weeks are always difficult when coming to terms with things and getting to grips with your treatment plans, etc.

I’ve given here the link to our Resource Pack, which has be specifically designed for those people newly diagnosed. The pack is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available.

breastcancercare.org.uk/heal … tionId/82/

Also, as choccieMuffin has mentioned do give the helpline a ring if you need any further support or information. They’re on 0808 800 6000. Open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 Saturday.

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

hi rhona echoing the others and wishing you peace over the wekend …its small consolation but things seem to moving quickly for you, what area of the country are you in?? I am in Wales and things not moved so quick keep ur chin up and see what wed brings… I have learned from many onthis site that the only way to take things is one baby step at a time xxxxJ

Hi ladies
Thanks for all the welcoming messages,have been to hospital today and the points I can remember are that the lump measures 17mm its grade 3 cancer and doesnt respond to hormones,they said that from what they have seen at the moment they dont think it is in my lymph nodes I was given the choice to have a lumpectomy or mastectomy but the consultant said he did not see any need for the mastectomy so they are taking the lump and good tissue out on tuesday.Can’t remember much else was feeling a bit zombiefied as we waited over 2 hours to be seen also have to go to another hospital on monday for the radioactive injection thing.

Hi Rhona,
Such a scary time for you after dx. I think the waiting and worrying is by far the hardest part. I found treatment felt like moving forward whereas the waiting room is the pits. If you have questions or think of things you aren’t clear about please ask here or ring your BCN. Mine was really helpful and good just to listen as well as giving practical and helpful advice x

Hi Rhona

You’ve actually got quite a lot of information there, but there are a couple of other questions you might want to ask.

One thing I’d want to know in your position is what its HER2 status is. That’s another growth factor that is sometimes overexpressed in cancer. If you are HER2+ you may be offered Herceptin to help knock it on the head.

Ask whether they are also going to do a sentinel node biopsy when they do the WLE (Wide Local Excision, aka Lumpectomy). That involves removing a node or nodes from the affected armpit at the same time as removing the lump. That can be very uncomfortable so I wouldn’t want you to have that as a surprise.

Take a look at the Publications bit of this site, there are some very useful ones about what to expect with surgery and what the results you’ve had so far mean.

Good luck for Tuesday, we’ll be thinking of you.


i can only say wot others have said and that welcome to the waiting room and this fab forum
just reading wot you have been through and it was as if i wrote it myself i to went through the very same and had the same results only not sure on size got told 3 cm but i had a cyst too and the cancer was part of that, i will get the full results next week as i have had my WLE and nodes removed last week
all the best for next week we all know wot you going through so dont think you are alone we all here for you
maz xxxx

Hi Rhona

Sorry not caught up earlier on your news but had son staying with me for a couple of days.

So like CM said you have a good amount of information and am glad you chose the WLE route. Like CM said ask about the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy as this is quite uncomfortable and better to know in advance. I had this along with my WLE like Honeybee last Tuesday and yes its not pleasant for a couple of days but all has gone well and the scarring on breast is very neat. I like honeybee get results next Wednesday and am hoping for clear margins (the tissue around the lump is clear of cells) so no more surgery.

I know this is all very scary and the waiting is hell but we can all do this if we support one another. You can be sure that we are all here for you every step of the way.

Good luck next week and let us all know how you are as soon as you can.

Tracy xxxx

Morning All
Well not long now until my op on tuesday wish it was done and dusted I am having SLN removal too, I have to go to another hospital in Newcastle to have the radioactive stuff injected tomorrow,got a busy day ahead of me my appointment was 2.30 but that clashed with a friends funeral 2.15 so I managed to change it to 1pm so will get that done then taxi to the funeral then have a appointment at the ward to have a injection to stop thrombosis at 4pm wanted to go to the wake but don’t think I could squeeze that in.I was going to have day surgery but now probably have to stay the night because I have high blood pressure, said I might get home but I doubt it.Anyway I am off out now need to buy new slippers couldn’t possibly take my stinkas into hospital.Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine.

hi all im new to this special club with you special people . im newly dx awaiting WLE and SLNB may4… only dx friday 2day been difficult but reading your posts has helped loads thankyou very muchxx

Hi sonti

You’ve snuck in quietly, but welcome to the forums. I’m sure the mods will be along shortly to welcome you too, but in the meantime if you are looking for information, try the Publications section. There’s a whole load of leaflets that might be useful for you, in the Recently Diagnosed section.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. One of the first things I was told was “there is no such thing as a silly question”.

It’s a bit late and I have a cold so my head’s not working very well, but I’m sure others will pop in to say hello once they’ve spotted your arrival, and will send lots of good wishes for you and lots of good advice.


Hi Sonti,

Again, Welcome to the BCC discussion forums, this is the right place for some good support as the users of this site have a wealth of experience and knowledge between them. As Chocciemuffin says no question is a silly question just ask away, someone will always try to help and if they can’t then there’s always the helpline here which is a free telephone helpline service staffed by experienced breast care nurses and people who have personal experience of breast care issues.

To try to help you along I have put you links to some of BCC’s publications which you may find helpful.

Resource pack:

BC and you:

Treating breast cancer:

Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi all, like most on here am newly diagnosed amd terrified !! Waiting til tmw for biopsy results but already know have to have lymph nodes removed as well. My right side has been black and blue and is now a lovely shade of greeny/yellow…telling my daughter was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever had to do in my life…now just hoping that all will be well when surgery gets under way. Am being as positive as I can be considering I left the lump for about 5 months !!
Would like to hear from any other stubborn mules like me who thought for a while it would just disappear :frowning:
Mandy x

Hi Sonti

I too got my dx last Thursday but was told the week before not to expect good news. Think that was the hardest week the not knowing exactly what was being done. I am having mx or MLE with SNLB on May 4th as well so we will be there together so to speak. Keep looking on the forum as many people have given me great advise.

xx just like a duck xx
(calm on top but paddling like under the surface)