Just diagnosed

I have just been diagnosed with ductal breast cancer, which they think is IBC. I had a lump 8 months ago, which I had checked at the Drs. She reassured me it was fibroadenoma and said not to worry. It grew steadily after a couple of months, and by the time I returned it was massive! Went to breat clinic this Monday and the rest is a blur. It is also in my lymph nodes. Can’t get my head around it all and am so so scared…

Hi Clairejh

Firstly, welcome to the forums, I am sure you will find it a great source of information and support.

I’m sorry to read of your diagnosis, the first few days and weeks are always difficult when coming to terms with things and getting to grips with your treatment plans, etc.

Whilst you wait for the others users to reply with their experiences and support you might find it helpful to order the BCC resources pack. It has been specifically designed for those newly diagnosed and contains information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. If you would like to order a copy just follow the link bellow:-


Also, do give the helpline a ring if you need any further support or information. They’re on 0808 800 6000. Open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 10-2 Saturday.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Claire

I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. That must have been a terrible shock to find out that it’s IDC. I’ve been treated for IDC and it had also spread to my lymph nodes. I had a WLE (wide local excision, or lumpectomy) initially but then had to have a mx (mastectomy), this was followed by chemo and radiotherapy. As everyone says, it’s hard but doable. The time seems to go slowly at first and then all of sudden you’re through the treatment.

It is all a bit scarey and I find the fear never really leaves me but I can put it to the back of my mind for much of the time. Do you have people who can help you. I think you need to accept whatever help people offer. There are some good threads on here which can help you and many people start threads according to what stage of treatment they’re at so they can share feelings, advice and so on.

I wish you well with your journey. I’m sure others will be along soon with more support.
Best wishes.

Hi there!
You are doing the right thing posting here, and am so so sorry for your shocking news. This day 5 weeks ago I was dx. My hubbie just couldn’t understand why I was looking at this all the time, it’s because nobody else really gets it!! Here you will get loads of support, and some words of comfort and encouragement.

Today I find out if this has spread to my lymph nodes (god I never thought I’d be writing that!), after my node biopsy last week, am so so terrified but whatever the outcome the support and guidance will be here. As I have said before with my 36 day experience of this nightmare, we just have to take one day/ step at a time…

We will come out the other side!!!

Lots of love
N xx

Hello clairejh - so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It is so much to take in, don’t rush yourself to cope with it all at once. It takes a while to adjust emotionally and physically and the early weeks really are a rollercoaster because you are often getting new information about treatment as the medical team put together a fuller picture of your individual cancer and treatment plan. I was diagnosed in May and am now half way through chemo. There was a lot to deal with as the cancer did its best to turn my world upside down. If you have any questions or just want to share your feelings you will find lots of people who will listen and give advice. The helpline is also a really good resource - I used them when I was having worries over my treatment plan and they helped to put my mind at rest that I was doing the right thing.
All the best with it
Nicola x

Thank you so much for your replies…it really is an emotional rollercoaster. I’m trying to stay positive, but finding it very hard…

Hi Claire
I understand how you feel, I was diagnosed in July and it’s only now that it is sinking in, I started out with a worry and it turned out to be Invasive and DCIS; they have not been able to clear the margins (after 2 attempts) so I am having a masectomy on the 20th of this month. Not looking forward to it and I agree that no-one that has not experienced this news gets it really. I am still trying to deal with it, as I wake up in the morning and sort of forget what happening and then it hits me and I get a bit emotional and then I keep myself busy. I understand that its hard to stay positive all the time and its ok to feel like that. I think we sometimes feel guilty for wanting to feel negative but I sort of see where your coming from. I can only say that its good to chat on here and discuss your fears and worries with people in the same situation. Just try to get as much information as possible. I found it good to get the histology reports when I went to the hospital as I was able to read it when I got home and also research some of the findings in my own time. stay in touch and keep strong…xxxx

In the same boat. :frowning:
Lump biopsied 2weeks ago today. Results from GP took a week (DCIS with focus suspicious for invasion).
I have my first appt at the hospital today to find out all the gory details and see what happens next!

Terrified much!!! :frowning:

hi claire,
i too was recently dx with idc, and lypme nodes under arm and between lungs, they are treating it with chemo first to try and shrink it, i’m now 11 days after 2nd round of chemo and can feel that one in breast and one under arm have already got smaller, and consultant thinks so too. which is good news. from dx to now as been 1 long rollacoaster. hang in there
big hugs

Clairj i am sp sorry you are having to post here, but as you can see everybody on the Forums will jump in and help whenever possible.
Keyfeatures had very rightly said everything that is needed. Do ring tne Helpline. I found them to be invaluable espcially during the odd "blip " we all have. It seems so long since I was going through treatment …but it is a “dim” memory. Not a vivid one.
I so hope all goes well for you.

I have now had my first chemo - so far so good…The appointment with the ‘wig woman’ was very surreal! I am helped so much by this forum - don’t feel quite so alone. Thank you all - Thinking of all of you too x