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Hello new to the forum and just found out i have breat cancer in my right breast. The lump is about the size of a gulf ball and have not decided on whether to have a masectomy or take the lump out. The only person who is helping me is my husband who is my rock but the doctor.s are not telling me much so on that note just wanted to say hi and surgery is on the 5 of the June just not decided on which yet

Hi Silverfox
I have surgery on 5th June too But this is my 2nd diagnosis first was in Jan 2011 so have been here done this before!! I too am not sure what surgery am having seeing surgeon again on Tues.
Good Luck for whatever you decide
Jill xxx

Hi Silverfox,
Sorry you have found yourself on here, but it is a wonderful site where you will find a lot of support.
I am not in the same position as you as my lump was smaller (12mm) so the consultant told me they would just take the lump out and test some of the nodes, but I would have thought they should have a least given you some advice - maybe they are giving you some time for it to sink in first. I would maybe give the breast cancer nurse a ring next week and ask for more information about the pros and cons for each procedure in your case.
Take Care

Dear silverfox482

Welcome to the forum where you will find a lot of support from other members.

You could also give our helpline a call to talk things over. They can offer practical information and emotional support. The number is 0808 800 6000. Opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.

Very best wishes


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Hi Silverfox
Very sorry you find yourself here, but it is actually the best place to come for advice and information. They won’t really know the correct size of your lump until after surgery, when it will also be graded. I agree with Flip flop about contacting your BCN after the Bank Holiday as you need to know what your options are.

I opted for mx, but many ladies try pre-adjunctive chemo which is chemo before surgery to shrink the lump and then have WLE afterwards. Grading and whether you have any lymph nodes affected will determine what further treatment you will need. You don’t mention whether or not you have been told if your lump is hormone sensitive, HER2 sensitive or triple negative, so you must ask your BCN this as they would have found that out at the biopsy stage. All this information will make it easier for you to make a decision on treatment.

My tumour was 36mm (3cm) grade 3, 100% ER positive and 70% PR positive, HER2 negative. I had mx and SNB, three nodes removed, one affected. This was followed by chemo. After discussions with radiographer I decided against radiotherapy as chance of recurrence in chest was less than 20% and under armpit 50% chance of recurrence. But now my chemo has finished, I will be having a hormone tablet every day for five years. If I have a recurrence under armpit, I can have ANC (Axillary node clearance).
Sorry to have rambled on a bit, but please do contact your nurse for this information. Good Luck.
Poemsgalore x

Thankyou for all the info i live in canada and they told me it was stage 2 and they are shooting dye in me on the 4 of june to find the lymph node that is infected the surgeon that is doing this told me about the mastecomy and the taking the lump out but not much after that i tried to get in and talk to her but can not get in until june 3 which does not leave me much time for me to make a informative decision she asked me if i had any questions then and i said no cause i did not know what to ask but after looking through there info and talking to people i have lot’s of questions and no answers which is i guess the case. I have not been told whether my lump is hormone senstive or not. Thanks for all the support this seems like a wonderful site

Silverfoif find out wh your breast care nurse is she am be able to meet with you or talk on the phone to answer some of your questions.

Wendy x x

Hi Silverfox.
Where in Canada are you? I’m in Calgary! :slight_smile:

You can ask for copies of any reports you have had, and request that the surgeon or nurse goes through them with you. Personally I find it easier to absorb information if it is in writing, and I can re-visit it until I’m clear …

I am in surrey bc and i am having a hard time getting anywone to go over anything with me