Just Diagnosed

i have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and am  still in shock feel sick and numb really.  I go to see a consultant on Thursday to discuss surgery options am really worried about that just feel like I am in a dream really don’t know what is next ??? ???

hi sally

i am so sorry that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer i used to come on here alot when i was first diagnosed and it did help . It is normal to feel in a daze with the feeling of it carn,t be happening to me,

then all of a sudden every thing speeds up. you might have had an op by now as i realize this was posted on the secound of april if so i hope all went well if not i hope you find the strengh me personally was told on a wensday and then told 8 days later i would be having an op i decided to put the op of for two weeks as i had to get my head around it we all work differently. i can only speak after having a lumpectomy i do not no what it is like to have a masectomy,

i will tell you though this is just my experince that i felt no pain what so ever after you will feel tired but that is natural also because of the shock but trust me things do get better once your treatment starts and especalilly after it finishes.

there are alot of people whos breast cancer never comes back try not to read threads about reacurrances because it can frighten you but more people don,t have a reacruance as people that do my advice is just face one day at a time as you would normaly after all we don,t think everyday we could get run over we just get on with are life, even though its cancer its not the end for me it was the beginning of a better life hard to understand but it changed me for the better,

i hope this helps thinking of you and i hope you feel better soon

take care rose




No wonder you are in shock. It can take quite a time to get your head around what is happening. But even at the worst times, I know that quite small things, and people’s kindness could really lift my mood. Conversely, when I thought I had a handle on things, I could easily be upset by something equally small. You can’t run away from it, you can’t climb over it etc,


However the sum total of my best advice is 1) to take time to appreciate those good things and 2) not to ignore the bad things but know they are only part of the story and 3) people can be amazing (but not always).


Panic is normal. You did good posting on here. 


best wishes







Sally,  what your feeling it absolutely normal you have had some life changing news and it’s mind blowing. It does get easier  when you have a plan the waiting is the hardest I found. I found lots of support from the forum as sometimes family are so worried you don’t feel you can add to that or that there are things running through you mind that you need advice/support from  others who have been in the same position. Take care xxx

Hi Sally, really sorry that you’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was diagnosed in November and the early days waiting for appointments and results really are unsettling and I thought were the worst. It’s easier to deal with everything once you have the whole picture. This forum is s great place because there’s always someone (usually quite a few!) who are feeling the same way you are and going through the same treatment. It’s been my constant source of support for the past 5 months!
By the time you read this I imagine you will have had your appointment with your consultant and have some idea of your surgery options, how did it go?
The biggest piece of advice I can give you at this stage is to stay away from Google!! It really can scare you unnecessarily.
Wishing you all the very best, Kim xxx

Hi.Sally i was diagosed on the 11th april was told on the 19th i needed a mastectomy …what a shock i go from being positive one day and crying the next , this forum and my family,friends have been great ,i have learnt in a short time to take this in stages .My pre-op went well today and i am gearing myself up for surgery on the 11th may then we will see what happens after . Good luck on your journey xx

Hi Sally, a very warm welcome to the forum, I know of course you don’t want to be here any more than the rest of us but we all muddle through and support each other, these early days of diagnosis are the worst and you have to give yourself time to adjust to the shock of it all, honestly things do get easier and once you have got your treatment plan you will start to feel a bit more in control, us ladies here have been through the lot between us so you will always have a shoulder to lean on Xx Jo