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Hi, I have recently being diagnosed with bc, I found 1 lump then next day had app at clinic and after doin all tests I was told there was 3 lumps the following week I had a left mastectomy and complete lymph nodes removal. I get my results on Tuesday and I have no idea what to expect. I was told cus of my age (35) they will be throwing all treatments at me. Feeling so nervous trying to be positive for me and my children but my mind keeps running away with me, I’m not sure it’s even sunk in properly yet I’ve not cried. Its all happened so quickly from going to Dr’s to mastectomy was 20 days. I just don’t know how to feel. X



Hello and welcome to the forum, although not a place you would willingly want to be.


It probably has not sunk in yet and is an awful lot to take in so give yourself time to take it all in, it is a good idea to write down any thoughts/questions that come into your mind so that you can discuss them with your team when you next see them, also it means that they are not going round in your head.


One thing this is for sure the treatment for breast cancer is very good these days and your treatment plan will be specifically set up for you.


We are all here for you whenever you need us and one thing is for sure, we totally get what you are going through.


Sending you loads of hugs


Helena xxx


Please don’t over think x We’ve all been where you are just now x From my own, personal, journey, I was so positive, because of the wonderful care I received. From the onset of diagnosis, throughout my treatment, my nurses and oncologist, kept me well informed of each stage of my treatment. 

When you go for your appointment on Tuesday, I should think your treatment team, will have your results of your Lymph Nodes results. This will determine what your next treatment will be. 

I had similar, as you, and I had 2 Lymph Nodes affected.  I then had a good discussion with the team, and I ended up Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatments. 

That was a year ago, and I’m back working full-time and living life to the full, so chin up hunny, you will do this Xx 


Hi Louise,
Glad you found us.
Waiting for results is the worst part when going through all of this, so what you’re feeling is completely normal & as Helena says, it’s a lot to process in such a short time, as it is such a shock. You’re probably just feeling a bit numb at the moment.
Do come on here & chat or vent whenever you need to & do look at the ‘going through treatment’ board, so that you can chat to others at the same stage of treatment as yourself.
Sending hugs
ann x

Welcome to the forum, it’s a very supportive place. We have all been where you are now. It’s a rollercoaster ride unfortunately. I went very quickly from diagnosis to surgery too and didn’t get full diagnosis until after surgery results when I found out that I was HER2+ and would need chemo which came as a kick in the teeth.
Hang in there things will become clearer and you will cope. Like I say this forum is a great place, you will cry, laugh rant and rave but you will get there x

Louise you are where we have all been. Everything moves quickly and it is a shock. The waiting for results is, without doubt the worst part. On tuesday you will have your results and they will tell you your treatment plan. Take someone with you as an extra pair of ears. Write any questions down that you would like answers to. We will all cross our fingers for the best results possible for you on tuesday but be reassured that whatever the results you will know the way forward. Good luck chick xx

Good luck with your results tomorrow Louise .

Hi Louise
You are not alone on this journey! Waiting is rhe worst bit so come on here with any questions! This forum together with your BCT, you will get there! Its difficult to come to terms with at first but does get easier once you know your treatment plan and can prepare to get started. You can laugh, you can cry, you can rant, you can rave on here as we all understsnd what you are going through. Ask anything you like and there will be someone who supports you! Regarding your children, dont think too ahead! You will ve here for them but jyst make sure rhat when you are having treatment of any kind, you have extra support for them. There are some fab CC and other members who use their own experiences to help each other on here. You will also find yourself sharing your experiences aling your journey. Lots of love.xx

Thank you all for your kind messages.

Good morning all,


My name is Kate. I was diagnosed last Friday with breast cancer and yesterday I got a copy of the letter sent to my GP telling her it is grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.  I have no idea how bad this is because at my appointment I was told they have caught it really early so I should be ok with the lump removed and radiotherapy afterwards.  I am determined to fight this alien in my body but when I looked on here, most people were saying they needed chemotherapy?  I am now rather confused and don’t know if I am getting the correct treatment!

Just take it one day at a time the big picture is too much to process. It may well be that your treatment plan will be just as you’ve been told. Were you given any further information about the lump as to whether it is hormone receptive etc, if not this information will still be being investigated probably and you may get further information following surgery. Surgery is usually pretty straightforward, done as a day case with results a couple of weeks later. The stage you are at now is tough, the waiting and not knowing the full picture everything will become clearer and easier to handle as time goes on.
My lump was like yours invasive ductal grade 2 I was heading for radiotherapy and tablets until following further testing after surgery showed it as HER2+ which requires chemotherapy and herceptin. Only about 25% of tumours are HER2+ so try not to worry. BC is very treatable and a very well funded part of the NHS.
Best wishes for your treatment and in the meantime you will find plenty f support in here.

Love your user name by the way Battleready Nanna

Your attitude sounds spot on. Just take it a day st a time, each day will bring a new emotion but that is perfectly normal.
Sorry that you have had to join this forum but it’s a supportive friendly place and we all totally ‘get’ each other in a way that anyone who hasn’t been through this just can’t. It’s not gloomy here, we are quite naughty too!

Hi Louise


I used to describe the feeling you have when you are told you have BC as being hit by a ten ton truck, it is a huge shock and just knocks the stuffing out of you doesn’t it? I think when they receive the news most people tend to immediately assume a worst case scenario, I know I did but it is now almost four years since I was told the news, I had an op, chemo, radiotherapy, the full works but I am still here and getting on with life just like I used to. The very best advice I can give you is to take one day at a time and don’t jump too far ahead in your thinking. There is no right or wrong way to cope but don’t bottle up your worries because there are lots of lovely ladies on the forum ready and willing to support you and help you through this, you are not on your own.

Thank you fiestyflora. I found out yesterday it’s stage 3 and grade 3 invasive ductal cancer. I feel so much better now I know. I’m taking little steps and being positive. I’m so glad ur doing well. Louise x

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