I was diagnosed last week with Invasive ductal cancer following a routine mammogram.  I had no signs of anything, but a follow up mammo/ultrasound and biopsy shows Grade 1 cancer.  I’m 69 years old, and thought this diagnosis was only for younger women.  Husband has just finished treatment for bone marrow cancer, and had a stem cell transplant from a donor which is currently successful (9 months on).  We thought we were on the home straight…  I’m frightened as I’ve seen him go through so much over the past 2 years.  I waiting for my pre-op appointment and am due for a lumpectomy hopefully soon.  It’s all so surreal.



Hello and welcome to the forum, not somewhere you would choose to be and with everything you have gone through so far with your husband it is no wonder it feels surreal.  It is great to hear how well your husband is doing after his treatment. 


I am a little younger than you I was diagnosed in Sept 2016 with grade 1, tubular, hormone recepter positive bc my breast care team told me it was caught early and was treatable.  It too was found as a result of a routine mammogram, my third since turning 50, I had absolutely no signs so it came as a complete shock.  I had my lumpectomy in Oct 2016, 20 sessions of radiotherapy and am on tamoxifen for 10 years.  At the time of my diagnosis my partner had just been diagnosed with MS so I totally felt as if my world had fallen apart and was so scared how I would cope with my bc and his diagnosis, he is now totally housebound.That was two and half years ago, life is back to normal, albeit a different normal because of the experience of having bc it totally changes your perspective on life, but I have got there. :slight_smile:


One thing is for sure you will get loads of help an support from the wonderful ladies who have been through or gonig through what you are feeling right now.  Keep coming here whenever you want to rant, rave, cry or just have a chat there will always be someone here


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx

Hi fairfox,


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Most people are unaware that cancer usually takes at least several years to develop to a detectable stage in most cases. My advice is to stack the odds in your favour and research the great info now available on diet/lifestyle changes that can help reduce recurrence risk and also help fight cancer.


All the best.