Just diagnosed

Hiya My names Ali and I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on Friday, I’m 42. I’m seeing a plastic surgeon tomorow to see if they can salvage any of my breast. I can’t beleive I’m writing this.!.!?!?!?!?
Is it ‘better’ just to get it all off?
Why do they not know now if it has spread anywere else - that’s the scary bit!!!


Hi Ali,

So sorry you have had to join this forum but you will find loads of support on here and lots of information.

I had a mastectomy because my lump was behind my nipple and my breasts were small, nothing left to salvage Im afraid! The plastic surgeon will be able to give you good advice and you will no doubt hear from women on here who have had brilliant recons. I myself didnt bother, I hate the thought of anaesthetics and operations more than I hate the idea of having to wear a prosthesis! Its a case of balance for all of us, were all different.

To find out if it is anywhere else they will need to take a biopsy of the lymph nodes under your arm. That is the only way to make sure. It is all very scary, give yourself a few days to take it all in, be kind to yourself. You have made a great decision to join here because everybody here will make you feel so welcome and will help you not to feel so alone in all this.

Take care,

Polly x

Thanks Polly, mines is behind my nipple too. What stage are you at? Is it sore? Are you having chemo?


Im 35 and was diagnosed early in the year. There’s no answer to what decision you make - I was back and forward talking about saving what they could but the fear of more surgery and potential for it coming back (this was due to my diagnois though) was too much for me and I had the masectomy, I never thought I’d deal with it but its wierd what you get on with. They ended up saying I should wait for recon so have a massive prothesis to lump around but things could be worse. the bit that scares me is that I dont know if its spread?! It only went to one lymph node when they expected more so fingers crossed but every niggle scares me sensless.

Of to see oncologist tomorrow to dsicuss chemo whch is my biggest fear!

Keep your chin up - I know its hard but nothign sank in for me for ages

Hi Ali,
Sorry you’ve had to join us…You’ll find sooo much support on here as i have done!
I’m Lauren, 25yrs and had a mastectomy a week ago… It’s certainly not anywhere near as bad as expected-strange having one boob but no-one other than the people who know would NEVER tell with the great bras/prothesis, in fact i am very glad that it all came off and safe in the knowledge that there isn’t anymore there (or won’t be once the chemo & radio is finished!)…What keeps me feeling very positive is at the end of it all, i can opt for reconstructve surgery and have a nice new set of boobies-well deserved i think! Sadder about losing my eyelashes than anything else (very vein)…
Try to stay positive, it’s hard i know but the cancer has been found and is going to be dealt with asap…
Keep smiling, and when you feel down come on here and everyone will pick you up! :slight_smile:
Lots of Love to you.x.x.x.x.x.

Hi Lauren thanks so much for writing. I’m so sorry about your mastectomy and you only being 25 - that really sucks! I’m terrified about what’s going to happen. I’m going to see a plastic surgeon tonight to see if they can save any of my boob but now thinking it might be better getting the full breast off. Still can’t beleive I’m writing this… feels odd not being at work but I’m an emotinal wreck!

How long were you in hospital for?

You take it easy!

Love n hugs
Ali x