Just feel so scared

I think that my symptoms started a few months ago with some redness to my right breast, which I ignored. 


It was only about a month ago that I noticed a bite mark on my left breast (another cropped up last week) and had a closer look at my right breast to see a very mild pore enlargement (not typical peau d’orange) and browny discolouration. 


I’ve now got swollen glands around my neck and had a sore throat for three weeks but now have a phlegmy chest and throat.


I am absolutely beside myself with fear that this could be caused by lung secondaries from Inflammatory breast cancer (I think I read 1 in 3 has secondaries at the time of diagnosis with IBC). I am usually in good health and only 30 so not really getting on a bit yet. 


I don’t know how to cope just now. 



Have you been to see your GP to get your breast checked out, they may make a referral to the breast clinic as they are the experts who deal with not only breast cancer but also benign breast conditions.


I am not a medical person, however I would have thought that the swollen glands are down to the sore throat you have mentioned, that sounds like some sort of chest or throat infection, which you do need to get checked out as you may need anti biotics to clear it up, which you can only have by seeing your GP.


Leet us know how you get on but make that appointment as soon as so that you can get peace of mind


helena xxx