Just found a huge lump

Just found a huge lump in the bottom of my right breast. Not so obvious when I’m sat up but when lying back you can really feel it. Absolutely petrified. Taking my daughter to uni today and no idea how I’m going to make it till Monday to see a doctor. Had a couple of small lumps before but this is really big compared. 

Why do theses things always happen at the weekend ? I found a lump in my stomach on the Thursday evening of Easter weekend and couldn’t contact the doctor till Tuesday - it was torture .It eventually turned out to be a cyst .What were your previous lumps ? If you are prone to fibroadenoma or cysts this may well be the same - I don’t think the size of the lump is necessarily any indication of it being sinister in nature .Is your daughter off to Uni for the first time ? Do you have anyone you can talk to over the weekend about this ? 


Hi Dizmoo


We’re all different and, long ago, my GP assured me that most lumps were harmless. Decades ago, I had a ‘huge lump’ in the lower part of my breast - almost 6cm - but it was a benign fibroadenoma. They advised me to have it removed, leaving me with a lovely smiley-face scar, but it was nothing to worry about.


Last year, I went to the GP about 2 colourless freckles that had appeared on my nipple - a big contrast to the never-forgotten fibroadenoma. She found a small lump between my ribs (which I would never have found) which ‘might be scar tissue’ and referred me just in case. Thank god she did. All sorts was going on within, with 2 well-established lumps even the consultant hadn’t initially considered anything to worry about. A recent mammogram had not picked up either. The rest is…well, my experience with bc. 


There’s no point telling you not to worry but please don’t assume it will be breast cancer till your GP and consultant have had a chance to consider what they can feel. I hope you get reassurance. Good luck x