Just got diagnosed!

Hi everyone so I’m new to this site and have been reading some posts whilst I wait for my biopsy results. I got diagnosed yesterday and I guess I’m still in shock, I am a single mum to a 6 year old so I guess it’s not going to be an easy road ahead. I just wanted to say that reading some of these posts have put my mind at rest and I will definitely be on here regularly! Has anyone else just been diagnosed? Xx

Hi Edgely,


Sorry to hear your news, I was diagnosed on the 28th September and received my final results on Monday. A bit of a wild ride at the moment but I have found this forum incredibly helpful and the support is great! 



Hi Edgely

I too have just been diagnosed and yes this site helped me through waiting for all the results. I see it as its going to be a rubbish few months but the ladies on here prove its doable Accept any offers of help you get from friends and family. Come join the ladies (and gent) on the recently diagnosed thread in this part of the forum if you need a giggle to get you through

Jen x

Hi all, I was diagnosed on the 28th September. it’s been a roller coaster of a ride since then. Had mastectomy Wednesday this week and node biopsy. This forum is fabulous with lots of information and tips and someone just to sound off to. I wish you all well in your forthcoming treatments :-/


Like you I have just been diagnosed with cancer. Had a guided wire biopsy done. Partial laboratory report read grade2 invasive ductal carcinoma with lobular features left breast.Now I am waiting impatiently for Monday evening when I will have the complete result regarding receptors etc.They are taking another ultrasound from different positions. Depending on the final result they decide if I need an MRI before surgery.This waiting is killing me.I want to get it over with as soon as possible.

Hi Edgely,
I was diagnosed on the 18th sept, I’m 34 with a 7 year old and 1 year old boys .
I’m still in shock!!
I have finally got my treatment plan and start chemo on 26th oct.

Thanks everyone it’s been a very strange few weeks I can tell you! It’s been a comfort to read some of the posts and too see how strong the people are on here! Xx

Do you feel like it’s too surreal at the moment xx

Yes 7 weeks ago. Had first chemo a week ago Friday. Not a good week but feeling slightly better today. Anyone got indigestion?

I guess when I have my lump removed then chemo it will become very real! Is indigestion the only side effect? Did it make you feel rotten? Xx

I’m thinking all sorts of things at the moment dillybub! Good luck with your treatment and op xx

Hi all

Found the lump on 25th Sept, had hosp appt on 13th oct. Mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy on a 2.5cm alien in my right boob.  Consultant was ‘pretty certain’ that it is cancer. We are taking that as ‘yes it definitely is’ as we dont think they would have said that if not certain and they must have seen thousands. Have to wait until 30th for results.  I feel like I’m in no mans land at the moment.  Keep asking my husband to repeat what they said in case im dreaming. 

Have told son but not rest of family, waiting until after 30th when I have more answers.

Shall be using this forum a lot I think as im the type that wants to know whats happening and what will happen.  

56 years old from Devon

Hi to everyone , sorry you are joining the club none of us wanted to join. Dillbub im having chemo before survery too . I guess we are all having the best treatment decided for us by our MDTs but by sticking together in here we can help each other through the countless tests, results and steps.

Love and hugs to all x

It’s definitely the waiting that is the worst part. I just want my op over and done with now then start worrying about the rest! It’s so sad to see so many people on here it just proves how ignorant you can be until it happens to you ?xx

Hi everyone, so had my op feeling ok just a bit sore and wanting my results now, but have to wait until 5 Nov. How’s everyone doing? Xx

Hi Edgley x glad you safe, are you home and resting now? Im awaiting CT results so not feeling too good but im frantically doing a pre chemo house clean to keep busy. Oncology appointment on Thursday then itll be all systems go a few days after that for me.

Hope everyone is well

Big hugs and love
Jen x

Hi Jen, yes I’m at home and resting I was in and out in a day! When you say you are waiting for CT results what do you mean (still learning the lingo!). X

Hi Edgley x glad you are home and resting

I had positive lymph nodes when biopsied so have to have a CT scan to see if the cancer has spread elsewhere in my body. Lots of ladies have positive nodes but no spread so im just hoping for the same at present.

Ahh right I see. I get my results on 5 Nov so I guess I might be going for a scan all depending. It’s like a constant wait isn’t it. Good luck for your results let me know how you get on xx

Hi Holly x

yes the postcode lottery that is cancer treatment in the NHS. I know that tests are expensive but I think they should be available to all and they should come up with a standard process . I am really praying they say its all OK but I am having neoadjuvant chemo as my alien is an aggressive bug*er and quite large so im worried its not but then id be worried if it was tiny so the size doesnt make any difference . Im just thinking that at least if im not happy with Thursdays results then they know what they are dealing with from the get go and will tailor treatment to suit.