just got medical report 11 months after diagnosis

Just got my hospital report from my gp for insurance purposes and now I am worried.  I was told I had infiltrating ductal carcinoma and it was removed a grade two.  In the report it says I also had DCIS high grade B5b no-one told me this, I don’t know what this means long term, also it says that there was evidence of lymphovascular invasion.i wasn’t offered chemotherapy.  Any advice would be welcome.





hi i too got my report a yr after and was shocked to see lymphovascular invastion…i freaked out and rang up the breast nurses,i asked why i wasnt told about it,she said oncols dont woory about this too much and treatment is based on grade and stage rather than lvi…she said i was given chemo as i was grade 3 not because of lvi.sarah.x


Hi Maggie


I wanted to know everything,  asked for my report four times before I finally recieved it. Only to discover I also had DCIS and malignant calcification.  Nothing has been mentioned at any appointment. I understand that I was treated for IDC but would have appreciated being informed about the rest. I’m not a number but feel like I’m being treated as one.


Some people don’t want to know everything and that’s fine but if, like me, you ask to be completely informed then I think you should be.


all this information might not affect my treatment, but it has changed my mind about the decision to have hormone therapy. 


Take care.



Hi Poemsgalore


I got more info from reading the letters to my GP and requesting my pathology report than I got from appointments.  Part of the reason I think is because you don’t remember everything during appointments.  You only seem to retain a small amount of the information given and you always think of questions later.


with the info in the letters and path report I was able to answer my own questions using the leaflets on here


it has all helped me make my decisions, understand my treatment, and has put my mind at ease many times.


I wish I was the kind of person who just went along with the doctors without question. But I’m not and looks like I never will be. 



I asked for a copy of pathology report to find I had idc and dcis with lymphovascular invasion too. This wasn’t mentioned at appointment with surgeon, he told me about idc and 2 lymph nodes being affected but gloseed over tge rest. It seems that it is quite common so maybe that’s why they don’t go into it. I did have chemo n radiotherapy.

I think you’re right they can only tell us the most important stuff.


when I got my results the surgeon said they have 15 mins for an appointment.  


He said not as a complaint but an appology for us waiting over an hour. He then spent almost 40 mins answering my questions,


I never complain now when I’m kept waiting. If another woman needs that time to understand then I’m happy to give it to her.


take care