Just got my chemo dates and feeling down

Hi Girls

I just got my chemo dates today, start 3rd October and am feeling really fed up. I was expecting them and thought I would be fine but sitting here feeling cr*p!!!

I also had a PET scan yesterday and a Bone scan tomorrow, they tried 4 times to find a vein to take the needle (luckily 4th time lucky) and now hoing tomorrow will be better feel a bit like a pin cushion.

I am now worrying about the veins when I start chemo.

I think I just need reassurance from you lovely ladies.


PS my daughter had booked for my and my OH to go for a lunch cruise and a go on the London eye on the 6th October do you think I will still be able to go???

Hi Lesley… if the first chemo is on the 3rd, the 6th is a bit of a risky business… you may be well on the 10th, but the 3rd day after chemo is usually the most tiring.
See if you can postpone the cruise…

For the veins, I have been quite lucky as they put a port in my main arthery, so the search is finished. That was truly a blessing, as my veins are squishy and difficult…

Hi Lesley,

have they told you what chemo you are having? I have been on E-CMF since May and have to say it has been very doable and nowhere near as bad as I had imagined it would be. I am due to start my final CMF cycle on Weds 3rd Oct, so you’re in good company and I’l certainly be thinking of you.

Gotta be honest, as Lillith has already said, if your chemo is on the 3rd I very much doubt you’ll feel up to going out and about in London 3 days later. I expect you wanna get cracking on the chemo, otherwise I’m sure your unit would postpone it for a week if its something you’ve been looking froward to and has already been paid for. Obviously everyone fares differently on chemo and its hard to say what bracket you’ll fall in to until you start. However, I have got off very very lightly as far as side effects go but I still doubt I could go out and about for too long 3 days later.

I wish you well as you prepare to start chemo. I recently started a thread entitled ‘top tips going through chemo’. Check it out, hopefully it will help you.

Take care,


Hi Lesley,

Just wanted to say that Kelly is right(as always) and it is doable. Im due my 3rd next Wedn and im on EC chemo. Take whatever antisickness meds they give you even if you feel well!!!

I felt exactly the same as you and got really scared about it, but once you start, you start your recovery journey.

Everyone on here has experienced what you are feeling and everyone will help support you should need it.

Best Wishes with the rest of your treatment.

Hi Lesley

Hi sorry you have joined us on the chemo journey, but as everyone on here has said it is doable, and everyone reacts differently to it. I have my 3rd FEC next Tues.

Good luck and enjoy the time before it all starts.

Kim x


Many thanks for your replies they make me feel much better, I was expecting my Manager and HR to come for a home visit but they have just phoned to say one of the roads they need to get to me is closed due to a 4 year old boy being knocked down by a lorry (it makes you think!!!) they will come next week now.

I have contacted the people who sold my daughters the package for the trip and although they are non refundable non exchangeable they said they will try and get the date changed to April which is minhe and my husbands birthday so I won’t have to loose the trip.

Many thanks again, I’m so glad this website is here.



I will be having 6 x FEC

I have had 3 x FEC and now starting 3 x Taxotere this Friday. FEC was up and down, first one easy, second one awful. I told the chemo team and they changed my anti-sickness drugs so the third one was much much better. I found the third one tiring and took me a couple more days to get over it.
Oddly I am so scared of Taxotere that I am now wishing I was staying on FEC -but I am told this is a good combo of drugs for me and as I am triple negative I can’t have any of the hormone drugs or Herceptin.
Check out the Top Tips for Chemo thread, lots of info on there. Duh!!! Sorry just realised Kelly has told you that!!!

Oh and the veins thing - mine are still OK, but the third FEC did make them sore.

There are so many things that are cr*p about chemo - but when all is said and done I am happy to take whatever they offer me to get rid of the nasties. And…my lump shrunk from 5cm to 2.4cm after my 3xFEC so I love the stuff!!!

Lots of love and good luck

Hi Ali

Thanks for your reply, I also cannot take Herceptin either as my cancer this time is not hormonal although the one I
had 12 years ago was as Herceptin wasn’t around then. It looks like your half way through so good luck with the rest of your treatment.

I am off this morning for my bone scan and then all I have next week is an appointment to see the “wig” lady and also a pre chemo drinks and meal with some of my friends…

Thanks again

Hi Lesley

I am also on 6xFEC, due my 3rd next week. It is a tough journey but doable, and the support you get on this website is so helpful.
Good luck with your bone scan today, and visit to the wig lady.
I am off to get my wig cut today in the hope that the style change might make me wear it, currently I feel much happier in bandannas and beanies, although at 50 I guess I must look a little bit like an aging hippy!!!

Good luck today and enjoy the pre chemo drink.

Kim x

Hi Kim

Hope the wig cutting went well, i have an appointment on Thursday to see the wig lady (not sure if I will need one) where did you get your bandasnnas from?


Hi Lesley

Just caught up with your post - hope you are ok. You’ll find tons of support, advice and encouragement on this site - the girls on here are fab.

Don’t worry about your veins, I’m sure you’ll be fine on the day - sometimes I’ve had to soak my hand in warm water to get mine to “come up” - they may do that. I’ve just finished chemo, and if I can do it anyone can - I’m also pleased to say its worked - an ultrasound last week couldnt find my tumour at all. That said, I’ve still got to have a mastectomy - on 3rd October, so a tense day for both of us !

I bought a wig, but never wore it, preferring bandana’s instead. I got mine from the bandana shop (www.bandanashop.co.uk). They’ve got a great selection, are very reasonably priced, and always arrive the next day.

Hope the bone scan went ok, and enjoy your pre-chemo drinks !

Keep in touch, and let us know how you’re getting on

Lots of love

Julie xx

Hi Julie

Thats for your comments, they make me feel better. I have already had myh mastectomy and although sore it feels better than when I had the lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed.

I will look on the bandana shop, today I bought a head scarf from Asda pink so some of the money went ot Breast cancer, not sure how I will tie it yet!!!

Looking forward to my drinks on Thursday.

My chemo starts on t he3rd so will be thinking of you also.


Hi Lesley,

I am 6 sessions of FEC and amd half way through; session 4 tomorrow.

My experience has been fairly positive day following treatment just feeling like slobbing around the house on the next day things start to improve for me quite quickly. The first week I try to make sure that I have a couple of hours snooze in the afternoon.

One area that has been an issue is that no matter how late I go to bed I wake earlyish the next day so I have overcome that problem by getting up having breakfast, socialising with the cat then going back to sleep next to grumpy (he prefers curmudgeon) that way I can manage a decent sleep.

Another fun thing for heads is a Buff loads of different designs and loads of different ways to wear them worth a look on the internet to see if they suit your taste.

What happens is all very personal to each of us so it is important to find out what is best for you.

Best of luck with your treatments and remember ‘Even the bad times are good’.

Keep smiling.



Thanks Jill

Its good to hear that your so positive, I think its the un known that scares me!!! I have looked on the websites to look at scarfs etc but not sure what I will do, I have an appointment tomorrow with the wig lady although it seems the scarfs are more popular unless ladies are going out.

I had a rotten day yesterday and so today am going to lunch with my brother (who is over from America) so I should have a good day today. I slept until 9.30 today (which is late for me) so I think I must have been tired yesterday.

Thanks again