just had a car crash and broke ribs..

Back on my feet 3 years since dx and now I’ve broken my ribs. My car’s accelorator jammed and I went hurtling into a house bursting a gas main and damagin the front of the house.Luckily I had my seat belt on or goodness knows I don’t think I’d be alive. I was shocked and injured but feel ok. I think that since the dx of breat cancer I can deal with things like this much better. I certainly don’t go over the top about things and am so glad that I didn’t have my precious grandchildren in the car, I had just dropped them off 10 minutes before. So now I am more or less bed bound again and have forgotten how boring it is.(and painful) Love to all friends old and new Eileen

Hello Eileen
We don’t ‘know’ each other but I just wanted to say poor you, what a horrible thing to happen. Broken ribs must be very sore. Do you use arnica - I swear by it to help the bruising.
Hope you feel better soon
River x


I Haven’t been on this site for a while, but i feel for you. I hope you are ok

Oh Eileen, what a terrible experience for you!!! Sincerely hope you feel better soon. You must feel so relieved the grandchildren weren’t with you.

Love from GrannyScouse xx

Eileen, it so good to see you taking such an experience in good humour , like you i think since dx and treatment i have a whole different take on life and what it throws at me …keep smiling, hope you get mended soon, broken ribs ooch very sore.

love rhian x

Hi Eileen my old pal (((((00000))))))I know just how you feel.I had just begun to feel 'normal’this time last year when I broke my knee bouncing on a trampoline!!!It was indeed boring to become reacquainted with daytime tv but at least you can read and spend ages on here without feeling guilty.I have found it has taken me ages to get back the little fitness I had gained and am only now back to where I was a year ago so take care and pace yourself.Dont overdo things.
Love Valxx

Eileen, just sending you a hug, that is very scary what happened to you but as you say we deal with things better now after having cancer

take care and hope you feel better soon


Carol xx

Hi Eileen

What a horrid experience but so glad you are. As you say always look on the bright side, it could have been so much worse - hope not long till you up and about again and no giggling with sore ribs :0)

Anne xx

Hello Eileen
Sorry to read about your accident - it sounds terrifying. I do hope your ribs heal quickly and that you’re not in too much pain.
Love Anthi x

Hello Eileen

Just to say hope you are feeling better soon and not in too much pain.
What a horrible experience.

Love and take care



Glad you are able to keep your spirits up and put it in perspective. Hope you are recovering well. My son cracked a rib playing rugby a few weeks ago and he moaned a lot! I assume you are not…


Ha ha ha. When I was dx late 05, my oldest grandchild was 7 and youngest (then) was 3. I told them I couldn’t run around with them anymore because I’d been leapfroging over Grandad’s back and fell off and hurt my back (I’ve got secondaries in bones). Since then we’ve had grandchild no. 3, who’s just turned 3, and she was asking me why I don’t go on the trampoline and all the other play equipment, and I told her the same story. She laughed her little cotton socks off.

Yes, Eileen, it’s a terrible disease but if we didn’t laugh, where would we be?

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx