Just had ANC in Wythenshawe - Fiona


I am 48 and I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy on 14 Feb, I had a 2.2 cm lump. After the op the lump was clear but there was a small amount of cancer in one of the nodes, so I had to have the ANC on 19 March. I recovered quickly from my first op, but have felt very nauseous this time round, though that is easing, I still feel very weak. I will get my results on 3 April. I have been told by my consultant that if no more cancer is found, then chemo will be up to me, but I will have to have radio, if more cancer is found than it will have to be chemo and radio.
I do not have much pain at the moment, but have heard that after about 1 week after the ANC you start getting a lot of pain, has anyone experienced this?
Do you know how long after getting the results they start the chemo?
I have read reports on people having chemo where somepeople seem able to continue working and living a relatively “normal” life, whilst others are really ill the whole time.
Many thanks for any advice.


Hi Fiona everyone is different and have different recovery times and side effects. I had a lumpectomy and full node clearance on 19th February and then my first chemo session was on the 8th march so all happened very quickly, but my lump was 4.9cm and I had 9 infected lymph nodes too, so they didn’t waste any time getting on with treatment.
Recovery from the operation was fine were the lump was concerned but I am still having problems with my arm. Under my am is still all really numb and I have developed what I think is cording all down the arm. I just keep doing my exercises every day and hope it will relax become less painful and gain more movement. It feels as though I am carrying something under my arm all the time if that makes sense.
I am now 14 days after my first chemo and luckily have had no real problems with side effects, just fatigue really. I have been signed off work so amable to just rest when I need too.
Keep doing your exercises, rest as much as possible and dont try to do too much too soon.
Take care janey x

Hi, As Janey said everyone has a different experience. I had ANC in Jan. I haven’t had much pain - more a senstaion of heaviness and occasional numbness and pins and needles. Have been doing the exercises which seems to help. I am still waiting to start chemo as had a small number of affected nodes but it has been delayed due to seroma (fluid collection) underneath the arm. Anyway hope it all goes well for you and that when you do start chemo you have minimal side effects. NB x

Thanks for your comments, the pain is not too bad, taking the tablets when I need them and doing the exercises. 10 days after my lumpectomy I took off the steristrips, and had a flood of fluid come out, could not stop it (it really scared me) so went to A&E, they dressed it, gave me antibiotics and a load of dressings to take home. I was seeing my consultant a few days later, so he put a couple of stiches in and it was fine. The night before my op I noticed my breast was really swollen, the Dr told me after the op they had drained my breast and removed the stitches but there was a little bit of leakage and put a dressing on it. I woke up last night and my original lumpectomy scar had leaked (yellowish liquid), I put on the dressings I had and changed them again today, not sure how much is still coming out and how much is from the initial “flood”, I am seeing the nurse next week anyway. At least this time I knew what to do.
I am trying to take one step at a time, but my mind keeps racing ahead sometimes, as I am sure everyones does.
Fiona x

Hi fionaliane, I to had a leaky boob , which went on for a while , I was worried sick but it turned out to be the betadine which the consultant said she sloshed around by the bucket full at the op.
take care good healing x