Just had breast cancer surgery but still worried

Hi there

I had my sentinel node biopsy & removal of lump yesterday & was relieved & grateful to find out that my nodes were clear. As I lie here with sore boob my mind is spiralling as to what other cancer I could have that could be lurking somewhere I don’t know about. Does anyone else have fears like this? I tend to have heavy periods (I went to GP 5 years ago about it; was referred to have scan which was normal) & now thinking what if I have uterine cancer or am at risk (because of hormonal imbalance; my bc is ER+ PR+ and Her2-) what are the implications for using tamoxifen etc etc. Maybe I am just overwrought! But worth mentioning this at my follow up appointment in three weeks?

Hi Annie I had the same operation as you last tuesday, i have only had one bad day where my emotions were all over place. But i also have the same thoughts as you i think thats quite normal in our situation. i wish you well and a speady recovery.

Hi @AnnieV  - from my own experience and reading other chats on here I would say that your fears are very normal, and I would definitely discuss any questions or fears at your follow up appointment. Otherwise your mind will continue to race ahead and imagine the worst. I have a great book by Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins called The Cancer Survivor’s Companion in which they remind us that “fears are not facts” and to try to deal with facts only. Easier said than done of course, but it’s worth bearing in mind. 

Another thing to consider is that general anaesthetics can knock you/make you feel anxious etc - I felt dreadful after my GA. I didn’t know about that side effect but discovered it later and that helped to make sense of my really low mood immediately after surgery. That might not be the case for you, but it’s a possibility.

I really wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and please continue to chat and use this forum as you go forward, as much or little as you need. I’m certainly happy to chat more about fears if that helps - I had my surgery and treatment about 4 years ago now. Sending hugs, Evie xx

Hi Annie

i think that it’s quiet normal for you to feel this way we all have our worries and concerns but do speak to your Bcn and mention how your feeling 

Take care and be kind to yourself 


Hi AnnieV :slightly_smiling_face:

How are you feeling now?

It’s so normal to have such fears, I’m starting to have them myself. Be really kind to yourself physically and emotionally. Blessings x