Just had first Tax - what will happen this week please?

Hi all - especially to those who have been helping me through my waiting peiod for Tax.

Well I went to have it today and am pleased to say that all those injections seem to have worked and I had it.

The only problemo is that I live overseas and the info is at the other extreme to the UK - so I live in blissful ignorance except for the info on here.

My onc speaks English - and enjoys practising it - but doesn’t give out much info.

After a lot of pushing I got the following :
* it is possible that my fingernails may tear themselves apart (language issues here …:-)… i explained that people in th UK paint them and he looked at me in amazement. They don’t here - it’s very very sunny - but he did think that dipping them in the sea might be good … thank goodness we live near!
* my remaining hair may stay - but not grow
* keep checking my temperature
* I will probably get water retention - especially in the lower body.

That’s it!

The pharmacist gave me the same anti-sickness pills as last time except for the keytril and apart from that no post-chemo drugs change. They alo gave me more neupagen (spelling?) to help boost my immune system next week based on my past performance (immune system = must try harder!)

I forgot to ask him about my anti-inflamatories that I need to take for my back and when I went back he had gone but the nurse told me not to take them while i am taking the other drugs.

It would be so so helpful to know what is likely to happen this week. I realise that I could trawl through everything but am not feeling up to it - just a few snippets would be fab. Especially on what days e.g. DAY1 I am feeling loads better than on FEC. Will i feel worse on days 2 and 3 again? It would behelpful to know the days that the joints ache etc.

I am also feelig much warmer already but the weather has changed so it may be that!

Any help gratefully received!

Thanks a lot!!
Lots of love FizBix xxxxxxxxxx


congrats on your first dose. As you know I’m currently on day seven on my second tax. For me the pain was most probably the worst and that kicked in on day 4 till 7. On the first tax I just had iburefoen which was just okay for temp pain relief, however this time the anti-inflamatories really worked. I still got pains but not as bad. The fingers also started tingling about day 4ish and still are so make sure you have sissors near by to open stupid things like a pack of ginger buscuits or ice lollies or whatever tickles your fancy. No nausea or sickness so I haven’t taken anything for that. Feel bloated and the taste in mouth is getting worse.

Good luck and I’m sure your’ll be okay.

Love and hugs

Day 1 -2 feeling OK whilst on steriods, but this time decreased after each dose.
Day 3 - 8 - lousy, not up to much, first two doses taste went. also I ached a lot, but that was partly due to the neulasta.
Getting better after that but slowly. I had 4 x EC first and so each additional Tax took it out of me.

The finger nails change after the chemo has finished in my experience. I was advised to paint them with clear varnish to strengthen them and so far it has worked that are intact, but I keep them short and they are coming away from the finger more so they are very pale a long way down the nail. Whilst I was on Tax the nails felt tender at the base and things like typing felt odd.

Although I was more tired towards the end of my treatment, the initial symptons (achy, loss of taste) got better after each dose.

all the best, you can get through it and feel healthy at the end.

with love


On the 4th day of the first Taxol i got terrible pains all over my body, like little needles! However, i felt much better over all than on AC. I got severe tingling in my fingers and toes and i lost a layer of skin on the underside of my fingers and the palms of my hand. The following cycles were not nearly so painful. My legs became quite weak and occassionally my knees would give way on me. I’m afraid my nails came off completely.

Thanks very much Kelley, Sukes and Pauline,

Very much appreciated.

All very helpful - I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Sukes - are the anti-inflamatoreis your invention or did they give them to you in your kit?

Pauline- is neulasta the proper name for the nerve ending problem or something else?

Kelley - when did you nails come off?

Thanks again - will just have to ride the storm - lets hope it’s only a storm and not a tornado or huricane!

So far so good anyway …

Good luck to all of you

Sukes - I hope your pain ngoes now you are on day 7

Pauline and Kelly - glad you’ve got all this Tax treatment behind you - can’t wait myself! Only 3 to go now!

FizBix xxxx off to bed - if I can sleep - have had a very good kip this afternoon!

Hi FizBix - So glad for you that you have finally been able to start on Taxotere after all the waiting, and glad that it all went OK.
It is four weeks ago today that I had the last of my three Taxotere.
Much as others have said above, the pains in bones and joints were the worst, but controllable with antiinflammatories.
I was given 8mg of Dexamethasone twice a day for the two days after the chemo - this was to stop the body swelling which you mention, and I did not get any swelling at all (apart from tongue!! which went yucky as well as being swollen).
Kept finger and toe nails painted the whole time either with nail strengthner or dark polish, and have to say that they are stronger than they have ever been, and I did not have any problems with them.
Neulasta (which I had) is the injection to increase the neutrophil production.
peripheral neuropathy is the technical name for the tingling fingers and toes (which I got a little, but not too badly). Guess all in all I was pretty lucky, and hope you are as well. Oh, I did lose my eyebrows and eyelashes, but do have fluff growing on my head!
Sorry this is a bit short - just off to the university for my four hours of testing to see what changes there are in my memory and cognitive function now I’ve had chemo (part of someone’s phd research!).
Will look in here again and see how you are doing. Lots of love Sarah xx

Hi girls, I had my first lot of TAC nearly two weeks ago, I’ve been told that I can’t take anti inflamatories whilst on it due to being prescribed Dexamethasone. You may want to check this with your doctor. I normally take them as a matter of course due to a back condition I’ve had for 20 years.

Thanks SSS and Sunnymeg18

Lovely to hear from you SSS - hope you are keeping well and the brain is back on track. I did miss you and magz175 a lot over the last 2 weeks. I have to say that one benefit of all my delay was that i now feel very confident that i will be back to normal at the end of it. so the big question is … what has happened to the artwork??? Are you still posing???

Sunnymeg18 - Lovely to meet you. I also have to take anit-inflamatories due to my back but whilst I was on FEC I found I only needed them in the last week - must be all the other stuff they pump into us! Have you been told you can take them again once you are off the Dexamethasone? Is TAC the same as TAX ?

I have to say that now I’m on day 2 - this is a breeze so far compared to FEC! It’s sooo lovely to be able to keep mobile rather than stay completely still due to nausia. I realise I may eat my words soon …

My feet swelled up last night and i though i would wake up like a balloon this morning with puffy eyes and everything but thankfully i was remarkably normal.

I am even hoping for a bout of diarrohea!!! I think I can feel one coming on - this would be sooo much better than not going for a whole 6 days like I wasn’t on FEC. Sorry about too much information but so far this is turning out to be more exciting than I could have possibly imagined!

Anyway, lovely to hear from you and hope you have a good week!
Lots of love
FizBix xxxxxxxxxx


I have to agree that TAX does seem better than FEC I was told that if you are ill on FEC which I was that generally you are not as bad as on TAX, I have had 1 TAX so far and I am due another tomorrow all bein well. I had similar symptoms to others on here, I was told to paint nails black, I think I will take tip on clear nail varnish when black comes off which was after a week. I was ok whilst on 3 days of steriods, this started the day before chemo but I crashed badly on day 4 and felt fatigued for 4 days I also had diorrhoea for 4 days, I had bad thrush but I went to my GP and got something for it the tongue was yuk too. My skin on my hands started to peel in week 3 I also had a the funny tingling in my fingers and gripping and typing was a problem. I upped my pain killers co drydamol to 8 a day and also took three tablets for my arthritis so I kept the pain at bay. My hair has also statted growing back.

I think you have to remember that we are all different, the body gets more tired after each dose of chemo and we are not as fit as when we started out, I get frustrated at not being able to do things but I eventually crawl out of the black hole and get up and go again. I have a caravan which I go to in week 3 to recooperate.

Not sure if this helps but hope it goes ok for you, oh yes forgot the hot flushes and night sweats!!!

Good Luck


Hi Sarah and FizBix - Sarah, hope the rest of your taxotere goes OK, I know what you mean about the “crash” after the four days of steroids. Anyway, will be thinking of you and will hope to hear how you are.

FizBix - Yes, every week I go along to be dawn or painted, and there will be an exhibition at the end of the year - lots of unidentifiable torsos mainly (unidentifiable apart from the scar!), a few bald headed ladies etc, but very beautiful and feminine, would never in my wildest dreams have thought that this would be happening, but it is a most wonderful balance to all the medical stuff that goes on, and is altogether a gentle, wonderful, life (and woman) affirming experience. Strange but true!!! Good luck with your treatment, glad you are still feeling good at the moment, and I hope the aches and pains aren’t too rotten when/if they kick in.

I finally got an apology letter yesterday from the Chief Exec of the hospital from the time I went to A and E with neutrophils at 0.18 and was sent home!!! He hopes that I am confident that if I ever have to go again I will receive appropriate treatment!!! Anyway, an apology was all I wanted, and for it to be flagged up to the doctor concerned, so that’s fine!

Good luck to all of you. Love Sarah x

Hiya FizBix

Just wanted to come and check you are doing ok - I’m not going to go on about what happens with Tax - you’ve heard my story lol and hopefully yours will be completely different !!

My 5th Fec, which was on 23 April, appears to have had many hangovers from the 1st Tax - toenails on one foot are almost all off and I’ve only just got the feeling back - but apart from that I have been fine. Think I’m just a fec girl !! I was told the same as Sarah that if you were good on one (which I was on fec) you would probably not be so good on the other (which I obviously wasn’t lol).

I do hope you manage ok with it - keep sarah seabird in mind as your inspiration !!


Magz x

Hi everyone

Lovely to hear from you.

So far so good. Still feeling fine so am making the most of it. It’s my birthday today and I had cancelled it due to anticipated low but have decided to reinstate it and we’re going out for lunch - AGAIN! How exciting is that! I am also going to buy myself a set of nailvarnishes as a b’day present to myself.

The biggest b’day present is feeling so normal.INCLUDING MY BRAIN! I can now understand how magz175 managed to do all that cleaning and ironing. Just watching my hand moving about would have made me feel sick in the first few days after FEC! Am beginning to realise that although FEC was “very do-able” it might not have been as great as I thought it was!

SSS - great to hear there’s going to be an exhibition - positively wonderful. What a lovely way to mark the end of your journey - and you will have a lovely barnet to boot by then! I think we all need to mark then end of this in some way - with some sort of celebration or other thing. Just to say “well that’s over now - let’s just get on with the rest of our lives.”

I really feel like I’m on a roll now I’ve started TAX.

Magz175 - very sorry to hear that you are suffering TAX overhangs on your FEC. Rotten that. Still at least it’s only one more to go. As you know I had a break of five and a half weeks after FEC 4 and I can tell you that I noticed quite a few “getting back to normal symptoms” kicking in - so once you are through this it shouldn’t be too bad. Someone else has just started a thread with a cancelled TAX plan so I referred her to your old post. By the way - I am still going to sponsor you but am worried that my proper name will appear on the website. Is it all confidential? Can you let me know and let me have the website again.

Now that there is every possibility I won’t lose any more hair I am very pleased I am in the closet and am antipicapting staying there … where have you heard all that before! I had to pluck my eyebrows yesterday - I have noticed there are a few more white ones - very thick and strong … mmm …luckily I am olive skinned so they don’t look too bad. So as long as I don’t grow auburn hair after this I’ll be allright. I love auburn hair but based on various teenage experiences I can tell you i would look positively green for the rest of my life!

back in a min …

Thanks FizBix

Have given you the link in a pm above - glad you are feeling good - we are obviously the reverse of each other as far as Fec and Tax goes - have a great lunch and…

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear FizBix, Happy birthday to you !!!

Magz x

Anyway - it was very lovely of you both to pop in … very much appreciated

Hello Sarah Sarssquatty - very nice to meet you. Thanks for the info and I hope that TAX 2 went very well for you. If I have a downer in the next few days I won’t panic. I’m trying to imagine what all this peeeling skin is like - I know that Magz175 had it too - on her foot. I am quite an oily girl so apart from the occaisional sun excess when younger I just can’t imagine what it’s like. Let’s hope it stays away for you this time and also for me too! Caravan sounds like a great idea.

Sukes - are you still around ? Also hi to Thelma,ML, Julie, Chrissie and LindyLou and Dyzee if you are out there and everyone else whose name I have fogotten. This name-forgetting isn’t all down to chemo - I just forget them! Filmstars, authours - positively cr*p at trivial persuit - never forget a face though. I’m the sort of person who is wtching a film and an actor is very heavily disguised and I say "you know who that is …it’s …um… you know he played that chap in … " - not much help really!

Well that’s it for me just off to get ready …

Good luck everyone

Lots of love
FizBix xxx

Hi FizBix

Happy Birthday and I hope you continue to deal with Taxotere in the way that you are which sounds really good and I’m pleased to hear that you are coping well. I seem to have been quite different to other people in that literally as soon as the Taxotere was in my body all I could do/wanted to do was get home (didn’t even have the energy to eat), take some sleeping pills and go to sleep for 3 or 4 days. I just slept and slept and had a muzzy head full of cotton wool. I couldn’t do anything other than sleep. I was so relieved once it wore off and then I was ok. I also had the neulasta injection which I don’t think helped the way my body felt. Anyway the good thing (if you can call it a good thing) was that instead of constipation, I had the opposite which was wonderful in comparison. I’m still suffering conspitation now even though I finished chemotherapy in November which is really weird.

By the way, I think my hair did start to grow back whilst on Taxotere. I now have a lovely head of hair and in fact I had it cut for the first time last week to tidy it up and it looks kindda nice.

Ruby xxx

Thanks Ruby

I was that way on FEC - I had a migraine lasting a different number of days depending on the session. Horrible isn’t it? Sorry it was like that but really pleased to hear you’re now through it all and with lovely hair too! I am sooo hoping for a bit more body on the barnet front - I would even be pleased if it went grey as I’ve noticed the grey ones are so much stronger … and if it went curly I’d be over the moon!

By the way - too much fibre gives me contsipation - I was the only one in the whole country who was consitpated when I tried the “F-Plan” diet all those years ago! Maybe you are now eating a lot more veggies and fruit (as we all should) and that might be making a difference. Perhaps a bit more meat and a bit less veg might help?

Might be worth a try

Very nice to meet you and thanks for the birthday greeting!
Love FizBix xxxx

Happy Birthday FizBix!

I have followed your adventures on another thread, am so glad the TAX hasnt been too bad for you so far, especially after all those awful delays. BTW my feet are peeling and I am on EC.

here’s hoping for curly hair for both of us when it’s all over!

Louise x

Happy Birthday FizBix

Although I dont post often I read your posts and they are worth there weight in gold for always cheering us all up so enjoy your day you definately deserve it.

Love and hugs



Hi Fizbix
I think I’ll have to review my diet. I didn’t think I was eating any more fruit and veg than before but I think I must remember to drink more as I’m terrible about that and I know it can cause problems.

Re the hair situation, my hair was really curly, long and brown before. It has now come back darker brown with redish highlights and also quite a lot of grey. In the beginning, I was pulling out some of the grey when I realised that actually most of the grey is now brown on the roots. My sister told me it is because of the trauma. I’m so relieved as I didn’t have any grey hair before and thought I was destined to start dyeing my hair. Anyway when I next have a trim it’ll get rid of some of the grey ends and then I’ll end up brown again albeit darker which is ok. Another good thing is that my periods came back last month which is 5 months after my last lot of chemo so my body is really trying to sort itself out. My nails are much softer but the ridges have grown out. This chemo really hits hard doesn’t it!

Anyway what a wonderful and sunny day for a birthday. Try and make the most of it if you can.

Lots of love

Ruby xxx

Happy Birthday Fizbix.Like the others I had a lot of pain 4-8 days after 1st tax.Took combination of Voltarol[anti-inf]and co-codamol.kept finger and toenails painted in a dark colour throughout.Still lost both big toe nails.Others thickened and ridged but ok under polish.Exhaustion was worst and cumulative.Taste buds on strike found lime juice and fizzy water tolerable,fresh pineapple good to eat.Peripheral neuropathy in hands and feet was also cumulative and is still there after a year.I also got bbad diarrhoea.For me it was worse than FEC but we are all different.Good Luck.horace[Val]xx