Just had Mx and reconstruction, booked to go on Bristol Course - Jan

HI I have just last week had my mx and expander fitted last Tuesday, I have been feeling up and down and a mixture of emotions that I am able to cope with some days and others falling to pieces… I have had huge support and advice from this site and although I cry when I come on here it does help me deal with what is happening to my body. I was diagnosed in July this year and it’s now Nov and I feel it has been a massive rollercoaster that has been going at double speed.
I seen the post for the younger womens forum in Bristol and feel this is a great opportunity for me to meet others that maybe in the same poition or are about to embark on the journey I am in the middle of at the moment. I don’t feel alone at all when all this help and support is available.

My only bad experience was in the hospital and having to endure rolling eyes and nurses who are too long in the job to show any sort of empathy for this condition…shocking and utterly disappointing … but I am going to make a complaint about it… especially when they think that all people who encounter a mx should have the same amount of pain relief…!!!

Rant over… if anyone is interested in going to this forum in January let me know and we could maybe join forces to go up … the course is free as is the accommodation which is fabulous…


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