Just had my 2nd core biopsy -

Hi Everyone


I had my 2nd Ultrasound guided core biospy yesterday and am now waiting for the results again.


I had results from the first biospy at the of July - that showed normal breast tissue - which the doctor said was not concurrent with the mammogram and ultrasound findings - which showed a 12 mm ‘abnormality’


The doctor said he was not too worried and wanted another biopsy just to be sure.


I am trying to stay positive and not worry too much.


what if the biopsy comes back as normal breast tissue again - where do we go form here?  how can an abnormality in mammogram and ultrasound be normal breast tissue according to 2 biopsies?


Sorry if I sound a bit paranoid! 


Thanks in advance for any repsonses



It’s only natural to worry. Be reassured that your doctor is being extra cautious in making sure nothing is missed.


Hope you get good news soon.



Hello dobiek9


The waiting is horrible, I’ve never felt anxiety like it!!  You’re definitely not sounding paranoid, just very normal in this situation.  I hope you get a good result, but if your drs concerned about a certain area, could you request a breast MRI??  From everything I’ve read, (on different sites on the internet), there are benign conditions that can look like abnormalities on mammos & scans.  When do you get your results?


Jayne x

Ok so back from my appointment…

The radiologist has said that the latest biopsy results are not consistent with what he saw on the initial scan…

So now the plan is to do a surgical excision - but the consultant has said that I will have to go to ultrasound first to have a ‘wire’ placed and then up to theatre for the surgery - then I will be x-rayed to make sure he has ‘got it all’

All sounds rather confusing but good news is that they managed to get my pre-op checks all done today and I have been booked in for 15th October.

Consultant said that he would take as minimal amount of tissue as he could as if it was anything nasty the chances are we would be going back for more surgery anyway. (hey - what happened the positive thinking doc!! lol)

Looking at the paperwork - there is loads of it- is states I am to have ‘wide local excision (ultrasound wire guided) for indeterminate lesion of the breast’

whenever I look for WLE on websites it always seems to be for confirmed cancer cases and is rather a larger surgery than I had in mind. I was told I should be able to come home the same day.

Anyway I am pleased as at least after surgery I should have a definitive diagnosis…mmmm I am sure I have said that statement a few times over the last few months… lol!