Just had surgery

I found out on the 7th June I have :-

grade 2 Breast cancer ER+ PR+ Her2 negative in my right breast and a DCIS behind my right nipple. 


I have had both lumps removed. After reading lots of people having had chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Just wanting to know what to prepare myself for ? finding out next Friday. 

Saz ??rest up now you’ve had surgery :heart:Take it steady and do your exercises little by little give everything time to knit back together :heart:Everyone’s journey is different but we’ve all had the bc diagnosis. Take a note pad with you to appointment and write your questions and the answers down, it’ll help to have things written down.  Chemo and rads are ??but whatever treatment plan you have you can ??this ? also you use the bccf threads, we are all here to ??and the someone like me option and the nurse option on here and also your designated nurse at your unit. Now rest up you are doing great ???:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx

Like Shi said, take it easy and let your body recuperate. There is a medical team who will be looking at the biopsies, stages and grades of your tumours. Once they have all the facts a treatment pathway will be decided, tailored just for you. Don’t try and guess, but let the professionals take their time to make the right decisions for you. Chemo may not be nice, but it is certainly doable. Radiotherapy, I found, was easier if very tiring. There are some superb booklets on here which you can download and will help you understand these treatments. Whatever route you take, I know your team will be looking out for you. Never forget that your success is their success. Wishing you all the best. X