Just heard today

Thank you everyone. I am sure I will have lots to ask, and glad there is a nice safe place to come to talk to people who know what its like.
I got a bit panicky last night because we went to a party and I drank 4 glasses of wine during the evening and when i got home saw that that was 8 units and women should have 2.5 and i thought that will make everything start to spread;I guess it was silly. But when i first heard someone said it “feeds on sugar and alcohol” which makes me feel anxious about enjoying things. I dont drink much at all. Mostly a glass or two of wine about once a week .

Hi Mano…just to say hope you’re ok …cyber hugs for you
Don’t worry about the wine hun, it would have been good for you to relax a bit and indulgence once in a blue moon is fine…if the person who said it feeds on sugar and alcohol is correct does that mean that after all this time we now know the cure for cancer?? I think not so I think you are safe still.Keep smiling you are doing great:-))
Hugs xx Suze

Hi Mano, I am on a similar journey to yourself.

I just wanted to say don’t worry about having a few glasses of wine its positively encouraged by all to be as normal as possible and if you feel like enjoy a glass or four of wine then good for you.

Its not going to spread anything.

Have you got a date for your op or are they trying to shrink things first? My good friend had a masectomy and reconstruction last year and her boob look absolutely fanstastic.

Wishing you well.