Just heard today

I just heard today that i have something in a duct. I am due to have a wire inserted and then some flesh taken out. This is all new to me so would like to hear from people whoi have gone through this

Hello Mano,
I had invasive ductal cancer found in my right breast (also in my left but that’s not relevant to your question).
When I had my lumpectomy (wide local excision) on 7th April I had to have a wire inserted into my breast to pinpoint the exact point of the cells as it was quite small and not easy to see by eye only.
It wasn’t too bad… a local anaesthetic first then a slight cut (which you can’t feel) then they insert the wire.There is surplus wire on the outside which was curled and taped down so as not to take my eye out!!! ( I had anough wrong already without losing an eye!!
After that I had a mammogram so that the consultant could pinpoint the exact area to be operated on. I asked the nurse not to squash me too much as I was afraid yje wire would hurt. It didn’t hurt and although the nurse said I needed to be squashed a bit to get a good picture she didn’t squash the living daylights out of me.
All in all I would not be afraid if I had to have it done again.
Hope this helps
Hugs Sue x

Thank you. How long ws the time between the wire being inserted and the general anaesthetic? Also after the op did you just sit in an armchair doing nothing for ten days , or could you do some gentle exercise , shopping etc

Hi mano

Just wanted to say you might find that the helpline can also help you with your query, they can offer information and support on subject such as these.

They’re open in the morning from 9.00 am if you feel you can give them a call.

The number is 0808 800 6000.

Kind regards.


Hi Mano,
The wire was inserted about half an hour before my op. It was removed during the op. It was put in there so that the consultant knew exactly where to take the tissue from.

An hour after I came back from theatre ( I had both breasts wide local excision, 34 lymph nodes removed from left side and a sentinel node biopsy (3 or 4 nodes taken) from right side and had a drain in armpit to remove exess fluid on left) I was texting ny friends and family and ringing them to say I was back and ok. About two hours after that I asked to sit in chair at side of bed where I stayed till visiting time in evening (eating soup for tea was entertaining when I was trying not to spill!).

I have had hardly any pain as such, taking painkillers still which help with discomfort and have been doing bits at home to try and get my house back as it should be. Neighbours and friends have been invaluable with lifts and doing shopping for me but mainly as I live on my own now I am managing very well.
The wire was only a small part of my op but honestly it wasn’t anything to be afraid of.

a bit more…

best thing to do is listen to your body, it will tell you what you can and can’t do, do what you can and leave what you can’t. I have been very lucky, and still been able to do a lot whereas others may feel differently.
We are all different and you will find your level, I think that you may be surprised at how well you can cope and adapt.
Rest when you need to and don’t push yourself. I have been taken out for lunch by friends a few times since op, chauffeur driven etc but certinly wasn’t laid up in bed at any time…I do rest though when I need to (and sometimes just for the sake of it!)
Sue xx


Had mine back in November but my experience was very similar although was discharged same evening. Just had 5th of 6 chemo sessions then need radiotherapy but we are all different. Friend had same op next day and she luckily only needed rads.

I was out shopping 2 days later although didn’t carry anything and was driven. Pretty much was back to normality within a few days and had very little pain relief. I was surprised how well I felt.

Did the exercises given by the BCN and they really helped me get the movement back quickly.

Agree you have to listen to your body and do what is right for you

Hope all goes well for you

Thank you again. This is all so new to me. Had the routine mammogram end of March then recalled two mondays ago for further mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy, then yesterday back to be told i had DCIL. the C bit of the DCIL I do not like!
I have had clear mammograms every since my first when I was 50.So this was a real shock.
Its nice to be able to talk to a community of experts here.And by those I mean people who have experienced this.

I am going to have wire surgery on June 2nd. It may seem a silly question , but what can I wear after surgery. I am assuming I will not sit around for 1-6 weeks wearing a nightie. So what should i wear when I go in whuch I will wear when i come out the next day and do i wear a bra?

I didnt have wire surgery but had a mx and lymphnode sampling. I had my op on Thurs and was out with 2 drains in tow on Sun. I went back 2 days later and had drains removed. On 8th day after surgery I was away getting my hair done, and s short trip to the local shops. I was up and about every day, though taking things gently.

Carolyn x

Should have said, a nice comfy t shirt without a bra for a few days while in and around the house. When your out you could try a soft crop top. I found a loose T shirt was fine for me.

Carolyn x

thank you

Hi there,

I had a the wire thing, also a lump and lymph nodes removed 5 weeks ago, i wasnt as bad as it seems at all.

Like you i was dreading it, but it wasnt that bad, i came out next day with no drains, i bought a post op surgery bra from George at ASDA, only cost 6 Pound, was really comfy, i wouldnt pay any more as you may only need to wear it a few weeks, i have gone back to my usual bras already and feel no discomfort.

Like most ladies i was up and about a few hours after surgery, bit sore, but could say, i wanted to go home as i felt ok.

Just make sure you take it easy for a couple of days, and a couple of weeks for anything really energetic or involving any lifting.

I pysically feel back to normal,i think the emotional thing takes a while to get back to normal, what with chemo and radiotherapy.

Hope all goes ok for you, im sure it will.

Take care,
Sandrae x

Hi Mano,
After my surgery the nurse asked me to keep my bra on as it gives support (needed help at first fron the nurse to get it on as my surgery was on both sides but after 2 days could manage myself firly easily). I am still wearing bra day and night for the support as my surgery was quite extensive and it does stop things from jiggling about as they heal.I bought a 2 pack of sports bras from asda for £6 and they have been great as they don’t touch where my wounds are.

I was recommended pj’s in hospital which button up front simply so it’s easier for nurses to check on wounds etc. but you could also wear something comfortable and casual which would suffice too if you don’t want to stay in pjs.

First few days after op getting dressed was a challenge but I always managed and just wore clothes that I could get into without much effort, all was fine it just took longer than usual.
Hope this helps
Sue xx

Thank you . I have some pyjamas so will take them in . We don’t have an ASDA nearby so will look in the phone directory . A post surgery bra is something I had never heard of. This is a really useful and helpful place. Thanks to all

hi mano,

i had the wire, then snb and a lumpectomy at the end of march. I bought m and s support bras and have had good use out of them as even though i was in very little pain, i did need support. M and s do a cheap post op range which were pretty and really comfy. If you have chemo, your recovering breast tissue can ache a bit so you may get more use out of them then. I just had my first lot and was grateful i had my comfy bra to turn to. I would recommend a white and a black one if you normally wear both as i found that without a comfy black bra, half my wardrobe was out of the question as it looked ridiculous!

The wire bit was fine, salsasuzie’s description is very similar to mine. Clothes wise, pyjamas which button down, i got some from m and s. Loose vest tops were easy to get on, with a nice cardy over them too. Easy to put on slippers were a bonus,and water bottles with one of the pull up sports caps as between the cannula stuck in one hand and your op on the other side, i couldn’t twist open water at first but was scared i would spill a glass.

I had radioactive dye injected about half 9 ( for the snb) then about tenish had the wire inserted after a really little needle for a lcal anaesthetic. None of the procedures were bad at all. I then had to have gamma xrays done for the snb, but that was a couple of hours after the radioactive stuff was injected as it needs time to spread. My operation was 4 pm and i was back up by half 6, having been held up in recovery as i was throwing up!

If you want a pre med for your op, make sure you speak up and its in your notes beforehand, and if you think you may be sick after the anaesthetic, make sure your doctor has written up for IV ones as i threw mine up and they hadn’t done a script for it so then they were searching for a doctor for me!

Good luck, i think you will be surprised at the physical side of it, its not so bad.

thinking of you


Hi Mano,

I also had wire guided excision and sample of lymph nodes taken in late January. I was worried about the wire but I echo what others have said - it really wasn’t bad at all. In my exp. the original biopsy was the painful bit!

I had an infection post surgery which added a bit of complication but clothes-wise, yes soft compfy bras are good. I found it difficult to find these but did like the Triumph Soft sensation styles available on Needundies.com! (I have a broad back but samll breasts and its not always easy to find sports bras to fit! Soft sensation isn’t a sports bra but I really like them. (I’m not being paid to say this!)

I also like crop tops.

Good luck!

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post.
I asked in John Lewis about a crop topo or post op bra and she was very unhelpful, had the op june 2nd and managed by wearing a cotton vest for a few days before being able to put on my old comfy but elderly favourite bra. Leanrd yesterday I need a mastectomy so this is going to be a hard journey.

Glad your op wasçt too bad ¨,but so sorry you need futher surgery . However , you´ve found us all now so you know you will get all the support you want here . There´s always someone who can help you . If you´re frightened about something or just having a "wobbly " day , come on in and we´ll all send you a cyber hug .
try M&S , I´ve always bought bras from them and recently been in to two different ones , they could´nt have been more helpful ( Cardiff and Bournemouth ) Don´t let negative unhelpful people get you down .They´re not worth it . I hate it if I get tearful , but it happens ,then it´s nice to come here and read how well others are doing .
It´s a hard journey , some days you´re travelling by chinese junk and some days by concord , but we are all travelling with you .
good luck

Hi Mano,
Sorry to hear your news. It’s difficult to take in but as you know we are all here for you and will be whilst you have your op. Keep in touch and be kind to yourself
Hugs for you
Suze xx