Just joined

Hi :slight_smile:  I am recently diagnosed, and just want to say a few words about me.


I am 62, married with a son, DIL and baby grandson.

We all live together and have a wonderful scruffy lurcher.


I worked as a meteorologist for 32 years before retiring.


I love watching Formula 1, reading and spending as much time as possible outdoors.


I hope to meet some of you here, and make new friends :slight_smile:



hello Missus,

Im new too, diagnosed a few weeks ago and having surgery in a few weeks.  Whoopee Doo!..then  the medics say they might do chemo, might do radio…lots of mays / mights /could bes at the moment.  My surgeon doesn’t do probabilities or statistics, so I am a bit frustrated. Patience is not a strong point!. Struggling horrendosly (sp?) with HRT withdrawal - broken sleep due to the sweats…ah this being diagnosed with cancer is most annoying!


Mrs Mogg ( with 2 dogs)