Just ‘maybe’ diagnosed

Had a follow up mammogram on Thursday as there was something unclear on my first mammogram. The doc thinks there is cause for concern, the radiographer trusts the docs concern. Waiting now for the biopsy results to come back on Tuesday. Still doesn’t feel real and I feel like a fraud for telling people and getting their sympathy because I believe it’s going to come back negative.  My mind is all over the place, I think I am more inclined to the results coming back negative. Don’t know what I am actually asking ?

Hi Audsie, sorry you find yourself here.  Whatever your results, your mental journey is still the same at the moment.  If it makes you feel any better, I had locally advanced breast cancer in March 2017 and after chemo, radiotherapy and surgery I’m still here and doing very well.  I know these treatments sound scary but if you did happen to have cancer then it is very treatable.  I hope this helps a bit. Try and distract yourself as best you can with things you enjoy. X