Just need a little support..First ec chemo on Monday..Scared xx

Soo was told i have grade 3 breast cancer on Tuesday…being 28 years old with a 2year old daughter…chemo and the effects scare me. Luckily Leeds has the use of the paxman hat which i have read up about just the sickness is scaring me! Want to live a normal life.(like us all) Fingers crossed my first session goes good.xxxx

Hi Steph

It is such a scary time for you but you have come to the right place for support. Have you been given a definite plan yet? do not get too despondent re chemo as the side effects will be well managed by your oncology team.
I was also diagnosed with grade 3 back in April and have had SNB and WLE, and have had 3 out of 4 chemo treatments, with radiotherapy and herceptin to follow.
This site has been a godsend to me and it will be to you too, please keep in touch, you can get through this.

Take care

Wendy xx

Thanks Wendy :slight_smile: Yes i am having chemo then surgery the consultant called it “piece” just taking the lump and lymphnodes away. Then radiothearpy…My cancer isnt hormone realted so need for the tamoxifen etc. In a way I am just looking forward to getting the chemo started so i no the cancer is dying!! Just having a lazy weekend before it all starts on Monday!! Xxxx I will deffo be using this website a lot now! What does snb and wle mean? Xx

Hi steph, I understand how scared u are as I was in similar situation 33 year old with 5 year son. I am on my second fec. U will feel quite tired for a few days and u definitely need support around u. I can’t imagine without the help of my hubby and mum, how I can go through all these.x

Yes luckily i have a very good partner I am orginally from Ireland so no family here but my partners family are fab and my friends! Yes infection scares me. Any tips on staying safe? Xxx

Hi steph2104

Welcome to the BCC Forum.  It’s good to see you have already had support from fellow members.  I noticed your question about some of the abbreviations used so I have attached a link to a glossary:


I hope this helps a bit.

Very best wishes


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Thank you Janet!! Xx

Is that after chemo session( from day 5/10 you are at your weakest? Xxx thanks for all your help.I’m still at work at the mo so hoping i can stay for as long as possible. Xx

I’m having EC chemo once a week every 3 weeks! And thank you every1 xxx

Well every1 my first session went ok didnt feel sick and that coolcap wasnt as bad as expected!!! Feel now like i have a hangover without the headache!! Chilling with a brew. Bath and early night is on the cards! Xxx

Thank you Wendy its lovely hearing kind words on here :slight_smile: xx

I love this!!! After chemo i went to our local shopping center and got some house bits and a diary to record the whole process i even popped into work to see every1. I sent my daughter to nursery as i usually would on a monday(im usually working) and picked her up at the normal time! Lifes goes on you have to keep up with it. I believe its all about the mind frame. Dont get me wrong i have had a few teary moments(hours) but im not ashamed its normal. I plan on being back in work thurs and fri as normal! No more chemo untill 11september!! Thank you for ya kind words they really mean alot!. I have signed up to the younger women together event in Leeds in september looking forward to meeting people of my age. Us mums have to keep going and be positive being a mum dosnt switch off. Xxx