just not feeling myself could it be the seroma?

Hi sorry it’s me again. Have been feeling “off” for a few days now and put it down to Christmas and all that entails (although not a lot for me as I am only four weeks post surgery). I noticed the area around my seroma is slightly reddened and the seroma itself while it’s going down a little is slightly harder to the touch (although still slightly soft) could it be an infection or is the change in feel due to it going down now? can’t really explain how I feel as I haven’t felt too well since the op really (sleeping a lot in the day) but I seem to be worse at the moment (really strange itchy sensation in my face which really doesn’t fit with anything I’m sure) but I just feel yuk (the sort of feeling you get (or at least I get) before starting with flu or a nasty chest infection). Can ring breast care nurse tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else had any advice or guidance - thanks

Sorry you’re not feeling well; it’s difficult when the usual support system isn’t there. Obviously, the best thing is to get professional advice as you will do anyway, but in the meantime you can help ease it a bit by 1. Keeping up your intake of fluids and 2. Doing gentle arm exercises (the ones you were given from hospital) every 4 hours (eg: shoulder shrugs x 5, pulling your shoulders back and forward x 5, gently raising your arms from your side x 5), this will help the fluid to circulate. It isn’t possible to cure an infection if it is that, but getting things moving can help a bit.

I’ve just come out of hospital with an infection, and this is what I was advised to do whilst I was there. At least it makes you feel you are doing something to help yourself.

Also, it is very early days and it is perfectly normal to feel better, then to feel worse again, so be kind to yourself

Hope this helps a bit

Hi Bunnies,
So sorry you are feeling yukky. Some good advice from Annie there.
Try to keep up the fluids and to rest. You might want to keep an eye on your temp. which would give you a clue as to whether or not there is an infection of some sort. Don’t be afraid to ring your BCN or your GP as it sound slike you need some professional advice here. If you do feel worse, then don’t be afraid to shout for help.

I hope your seroma goes soon - I had one in my back for six weeks then they gave me a steroid injection to clear it up, and it worked like magic… indeed my PS referred to it as ‘the magic injection’. You might want to mention it next time you have yours drained, as I’m not sure if all hospitals offer it automatically for persistent seromas.

Hope you feel better soon. Take care and pamper yourself tonight.

I am nearly six weeks post mx, rads begin on Thursday. I have felt like you have. Temp slightly raised but nothing major. General yucky feeling. Still get tired now. You have just undergone a major op and had general anaesthetic guaranteed to make a body feel naff.
Try not to worry, listen to your body and rest. I am trying to exercise a bit each day which helps, also keep doing your exercises so you get more movement in your shoulder. I am practicing laying down and gently stretching my arms above my head, in prep for rads.
X sarah

thank you everyone for your advice. Going to take myself to bed for an early night I think even though slept most of afternoon. not had seroma drained at all yet so wonder if that would help it did seem to be going down. will ring bcn in morning for definite. We have friends coming round tomorrow so worried about how I will be although they are very good friends and will totally understand if I have to slope off to bed mid afternoon. thanks again everyone x


I really don,t want to alarm you but 2 years ago I was in exactly the same position as you. A seroma that was making the surrounding skin red and feeling off but not sure why. It transpired that I had an infected seroma and had to have it surgically reopened to clean it out and flush it through. Hopefully this will not be what you have but please get it checked out ASAP

Take care