Just plain worried


Think I have “canceritis”, but not too sure. Am over a year out/ WLE. Clear margins. No lymph node involvement. Surgery, Chemo and Rads. Went for walk with husband two days ago , and another walk yesterday and hip pain has started again. I know that I have been pre-disposed to hip pain for about the last ten years, but it is doing my head in. When does this crap worry end?!!

Sorry - really fed up . Have first mammo after initial diagnosis in a couple of days -so perhaps that’s what’s troubling me.
Janey b

Hi Janey
I had a similar breast cancer experience to yours and for the first year or so I was at the doctors with every single little ache and pain. I am now over four years down the line and the worry of the breast cancer returning has certainly reduced greatly - this happened gradually over the past three years. I had a very understanding GP who never minded reassuring me (and sending me for tests when appropriate) and I hope you are lucky enough to have the same.
Best wishes

Hi Janey;

Did you have any CT or bone scans done within the last year? If not, it maybe worth discussing with your doctor. I had a lesion on my pelvis when first dx. It was written off as arthritis. A year later after finishing chemo, surgery, and rads they repeated the scans. Even with notable progression the bone scan radiologist wouldn’t declare mets. My hip and leg pain was increasing so they moved my scans up to November. This time a bone biopsy was ordered and it was positive for mets. You may just have arthritis but it maybe worth checking into just to be on the safe side.

Best wishes;

Thanks Janet & Gyn. I am on Nolvadex D so it may be this that is causing the joint pain. I think I will have a chat to BC nurse tomorrow about it - may alleviate my worries.

Thanks again


Good Luck Janey. Keep us posted.

Hi Janey, like you, I had a mastectomy 1 year ago and have just had the 12 month check up. Everything was ok. A couple of weeks ago I got a bad bout of cystitis and the GP referred me to the hospital to have a camera inserted into my bladder to see what the problem was. As you can imagine, I was fearing the worst. It was ok though.They said everything was normal, but now they want me to go and have my kidneys checked.
It is very hard not to worry about every little ache and pain isn’t it?
I also have joint pains, but I am on Arimadex, so it is probably a side effect of that.
Hope everything turns out ok. I think you will feel better when mammogram is over and done with. I know I did.
Heidicat x

I am having my second mammogram on the 14th January. I think I am more nervous about this second check than my first one after treatment had finished.
I didn’t have anything wrong with me until I had a mammogram. Everything started with this test so it will always grip me with fear, the waiting for results is the worst part.
Even if they tell you everything is o.k. you wonder for how long?
I just keep saying that if there is anything coming back they should see it and be able to treat it. It is the only way to keep sane.
I have so many aches and pains these days I could send myself nutty thinking everything is the cancer coming back. I am leaving everything to fate.
I do understand how difficult it can be. You are not alone we all understand and sympathise. Keep posting because a problem shared is a problem halved.
I just hope in time it will get easier.
Take care,

Dear Jugsy and Heidicat,

Thank you for taking time to respond. Had mammogram yesterday, the radiographer checked with the Consultant Radiographer to see if he wanted any more images done. He said no the ones that were taken were fine.Now have follow up with Breast Surgeon in a couple of weeks. So, my plan now is to wait and talk to him about my symptoms whilst in the mean time rationalising my fears as an over reaction to some sort of muscle strain. I currently have this flu bug that is doing the rounds and can see that this might be exacerbating aches and pains. You are right, you can drive yourself nuts with worry - I have to stop!



Me again. B/C Nurse was brilliant and offered lost of re-assuarances.Have been referred for bone scan this Thursday. Mammogram results were fine.Difficult to keep upbeat about all this.