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So sorry the secondaries diagnosis is a total bummer.

I chose to keep working because i couldn’t face days sat at home with nothing to do. So far i’ve been lucky as i’m tolerating the treatment for my secondaries well.

I guess you just need to work out what you enjoy doing and how much you can physically do, based on how your treatment effects you.

I would say that its important you get out of the house and don’t spend all day inside, unless you are feeling really ill. Treat yourself to something you enjoy, a nice coffee out, a walk in the park, visiting an art galley etc. Plan a short break.

Its hard to adjust from full time work to nothing when your well so don’t be so harsh with yourself.

I adopted a dog, and started walking more!

Hi there Bunty_B
Hope you are starting to get your head around things. It is a struggle isn’t it? I’ve been coping with secondary for the last 7 months. It’s definitely a process. And there is grief and sadness.
And eventually there is happiness, as a new normality starts to emerge.

I reckon spend this time doing what you have always secretly wanted to do. What were your passions when you were younger? Can you explore any of these passions that you haven’t had time to over the years?

Hoping that you find lovely new routines -maybe get outside- visit nature. Walk. Meet friends. Act as if you are on ‘holiday’. Support your wellbeing and new self that is emerging. :heart_hands: lee


Thanks Lee, the benefit of people’s experiences here has been of great help, as has a local support group I’ve found. Where I struggle is there seems to be a constant stream of cancer stories in the press, people with cancer, really gloomy stuff. I still haven’t told some of my friends because I get tired of explaining what it all means with regards to the rest of my life.

I’m a year in from diagnosis, I took six months leave from my job, I went back in February and was very ready to go back, I find working is what keeps me feeling normal. I have tolerated treatment very well so that helps.
I have always had a small social circle so outside of work I tend to keep to myself with some social interaction which my husband is supportive of my alone time. I spend lots of time in my vegetable garden which is relaxing to me. Not going to lie, I still struggle ALOT, I’m sad, angry. But when I’m with my husband and two adult daughters, I laugh. I’m 48 and want to see so much yet.