Just registered so I could reply to a posting and...

Just registered so I could reply to a posting and…

Just registered so I could reply to a posting and… I was a little taken aback by the options for categorising myself. The closest one is ‘I have breast cancer’. But that’s not strictly how I feel. I had breast cancer in 2004 - had a lumpectomy, chemo (the bumper pack as my husband called it), radiotherapy and am now on arimidex and zoladex. I know what I have to watch for. Coming up to my 3rd anniversary.

I do realise how lucky I am - even with the scars - and I do worry each time my mammogram comes up; who wouldn’t? And I’ve had a scare. I suppose the fact that I still visit this site - not actually something I did during my treatment - tells a story in itself. But I do think of it in the past tense.

And for those who are about to start the journey; or are somewhere along the way; or are out the other side - my heart’s with all of you.


Not sure I’ve put this in the right place either. Sorry - can you tell I’m a new kid on the block?

Welcome Izzy Hi Izzy

Congratulations on being nearly 3 years out.

I recently finished chemo and had my lumpectomy and lymph node clearance 2 weeks ago. I had clear margins and negative nodes so my breast care nurse says I ‘no longer have breast cancer’. I admit I find it hard to believe, maybe because I still have radiotherapy to do.

I think, to an extent, we will always be ‘living with breast cancer’ not just because of the fear of recurrence but because of the permanent effects treatment has had on us. I just hope that some day, like you, I can view the disease itself in the past tense.

Don’t worry which board or boards you post on. I often reply to posts in the ‘have I got breast cancer?’ and ‘recently diagnosed’ boards because it can be useful to to pass on the benefit of your experience to others who are just starting out.

You have given me hope that I can move on and get back to a reasonably normal life.

Take care.

Lola x