Just seen my scars

I had bi lateral wide excision on 5th Jan. I have just removed my dressings (they were starting to peel off) The scars were huge, especially on the breast where my nipple was removed, right across the whole breast. It really upset and shook me. All I can think was they found larger tumours than expected. Nobody has said anything to me. I am feeling back to square one with anxiety now. I did think I was on a path out but now I feel as though I am waiting for a bomb to drop. Depressing.

@Angie7  - I had a mastectomy so I’m afraid I can’t compare what I had with your scars, but I didn’t want to read your post and not stop by to at least send you a big hug.

Why don’t you call your breast care nurse to ask her advice - or maybe you have an appointment soon for a check up when you can ask questions?

One thing to bear in mind is that general anaesthetics can (not always) hit hard afterwards, I didn’t realise until later but I felt very anxious and down after my operation. I felt a lot better once it was out of my system.

But hopefully others who had a WLE will be along soon to chat. Evie xx

Hello @Angie7  

I had a WLE on my left breast (and SNB) last July, and remember first seeing my wounds when the dressings first came off: I won’t lie it was a shock and they looked hideous and looked huge. 
Six months later I’m equally surprised how much they have shrunk and how non-visible (I wouldn’t say invisible as I know they are there!) 

As Evie says don’t be too hard on yourself the residual effects of the general anaesthetic can last for sometime, you are also at a relatively early point after your diagnosis and treatment.  
I finished my active treatment in October when I finished a course of radiotherapy, and whilst I was fortunate that physically my treatment wasn’t too difficult for me, psychologically I struggled: it is a rollercoaster there are days when it’s all good but then others when the anxiety just takes over. 
When I was recovering from my surgery I took a dose of Vitamin C every day as it is good for helping the body to heal. 

AM xxx