Just shaved my head

I had my first chemotherapy on 30 April and I have had a traumatic weekend as my hair began falling out in clumps.
i couldn’t bear it, so I got my partner to shave it off. My scalp is now a bit sore and hurts. Any ideas how to
relive the soreness and pain?

As I recollect, my scalp actually felt LESS sore after I had shaved it completely smooth. My hairdresser “shaved my hair” off, but she left me with stubble all over which wad NOT comfortable! So I got my electric shaver and buzzed it all over until it was all gone.

I also wore soft cotton “sleep caps” which I got online via www.headcovers.com. They were great to sleep in, and also kept my head warm around the house, or even when I went out!

I got some double strength aloe vera gel from Holland and Barratt. It helps.

I was told to use aqueous cream to keep the scalp moisturised. That sore feeling does go away though. Mine is just growing back now, much more grey than before and growing in all wierd directions so I forsee fun ahead when I need to style it!

Thank you all for responding. I will get the stubble shaved and get some cream. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for responding. I will shave the rest and get some cream.

My partner (not a BC sufferer) always shaves his head (just cos if he didn’t he would have bald patches, it’s a vanity thing). He always itches when it starts growing through and he always mositurises his head and uses nivea. xx