Just some advice please- anyone had viral menigitus and shingles from chemo

I’m just after a bit of advice.
I recently had my last chemo number 4, I should have had 6 but on the 4th i was found i had viral menigitus and shingles and a chest infection, I was very poorly and in hospital for 2 weeks.
I came out a week ago but still suffering with wooly head , could be from fluid in the ears and my body seems very bloated.
I am still on steriods until wednesday, dexamethasone so I’m not sure if there are the cause but just wondered if anyone else had suffered with this.
The dr said it could take weeks but it will get better but everything is very strange at the moment, and also my legs are weak. Which could be becuase i have actually done anything for weeks and i need to build them up again>
I suppose I’m just looking for answers and hope that i dont stay like this.
I’m trying to take each day at a time and have change what i eat as i only fancy healthy food anyway, Lots of fish and fruit for me at the moment.
Also i cant do much so i have lots of people helping me.
So if anyone has any advice for me or knows anyone else who has had this I would be grateful for information.
I’ve stopped all my sleeping pills and painkillers. I did have an antiviral iv medicine for a week and lots of morphine as well so maybe that had something to do with it. but i’ve not had any for a week.
Love Fran

Hi Fran

I am so sorry that you have had such a bad time. I have read other posts from you on other threads so I know that you have not found any of your chemo easy to deal with. I cannot offer you any advice as I have not had the same problems that you have had. I just wanted to send you a big hug and let you know that I have been thinking of you and wishing you well. I hope you get stronger with each day that passes. I am sure you will find that it will take some time to get over what you have been through, for your body to recover and get back to normal. Don’t forget that aside from the problems you have had, you also had 4 doses of chemo which is an attack on your body in itself. I suppose I am just trying to say, give it time, its still early days after so many problems. I know its hard, but I am sure you will make progress as time goes by.

Wishing you well again

Joan xxx

Hi Fran sorry to hear that youve been so unwell

I had very nasty shingles aftermy second chemo it was awful and was in hospital for 4 days. I cant imagine what it must have been like for you. I still have a swollen eyelid and rash on my face 6 weeks later.
You are right that your muscles become weak if you are immobile

I dont know what advice you were given butyou need to speak toyour GP if you arent improving

Fatigue can be teribble the mcmillan site has some good advice re fatigue

Hope you start to iprove soon

Love Poppy x

Hi Fran,

So sorry to hear. You posted a few weeks ago, I hope you are much better now.
I only had shingles after my 4th EC last Aug, which was painful, but didn’t land me in hospital. I did end up in hospital over christmas when I had a bad infection a few weeks after surgery. I also barely walked anywhere for a week then - up and down the ward, that’s really it.
A little bit every day, slowly and eventually you find that you do more than you could do a week previously…

Big virtual hugs, I really hope you are well enough to continue with the rest of the chemo.


Hi Fran. Hope you are on the mend. I didn’t have shingles until after chemo. I was just finishing rads. I found the anti virals made me feel yuk. It was a bit like a dose of chemo again. Maybe this is making you feel rotten. After a few weeks my body seemed to start fighting it and I felt better every day. Fish and fruit sounds healthy and a bit of what you fancy does you good so they say. Your body has been under attack from chemo, infections and drugs so I’m not surprised you are feeling weak. Be very kind to yourself. One day at a time. :slight_smile: x