Just started and looking for some advice!


I started my first chemo on Wednesday and 2 days in am feeling so tired and fatigued that I can hardly think straight! I had horrible nausea on first day but got on top of that now with anti sickness. Does everyone feel like this after 1st session? Thanks

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Hi @teddy2

Sorry that you find yourself having to join us, but welcome to the forums.

I know a lot of people find the first few days of each chemo session challenging. I’m sure you will start to feel better soon. Don’t forget to speak to someone in your oncology team for help with nausea medication etc. The nurses here are also available for advice.

There is also a chemotherapy monthly group for everyone to share their experiences. This is the April group, and I am sure you will find them a friendly bunch


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Every one reacts differently to chemo but if you are having AC it’s one of the hardest. I found I tolerated each round better than the last but the first one is always going to be the worst as you will have been very stressed about it as well as the body adjusting.

I kept a chemo diary and kept track of my temperature, pain, nausea, diet, bowel movements, exercise etc. it helped me plan for the next chemo knowing I might be nauseous on say day 3 and constipated on day 5 so I could change what I ate accordingly.