just started chemo and so tired

Hi everyone, I had my first chemo on 17th Feb and I was really surprised that I felt ok after it. All I wanted to do was eat. That went on until Friday then the nausea started. The tablets they gave me just knock me out, spent all day in a sort of daze, then all weekend I’ve slept. Just woke up now hungry again but so tired I want to go back to bed. I know they say it will pass but I wondered does anyone else feel like this?

Hi.yes it is very common.To be honest,I just go with the flow now.I try to potter round and do little jobs and then go back to bed.It will pass.I can more or less predict how. I will be each cycle now.Perhaps you could keep a diary,then for future reference you will know what’s coming but also know it will go! :slight_smile: Just try and rest,am sure it is one of the most common side effects.take care

Hi izzy,  

I had my 2nd on thursday, Honestly I sleep most of the weekend,  and I have found that I tend to nap in the afternoon once I get past the initial weekend.

My registrar said go with the flow. If I have a busy day,  I sleep all the next. Swings and roundabouts.


Surprised me how hungry the tablets make you :wink: its finding something you feel like eating thats the trick! 



I am exactly the same had my second chemo on Tuesday i didn’t feel too bad yesterday but shattered today. I’ve been in bed sleeping and resting most of afternoon x