Just started Femara/Letrozole and Zoladex


I’ve just started hormone therapy to (hopefully) shrink my tumour so I can have a WLE. I am 53 and was on the way to the menopause anyway (although not quite there according to blood tests) so I am used to a few mild menopausal symptoms. I have read that that it takes about 2 weeks for the Zoladex to have full effect and Femara a few days.

It is now day 4 for Zoladex and day 3 for Femara. I was wondering when I may expect more side effects. What are other people’s experiences.


When i started zoladex and tamoxifen my periods didnt stop until i had been on it 3 months, which my bcn said is how long it takes to fully get into your system.

Good luck

Hi Julie
I’m in a similar situation, age 51, had already started with some menopausal symptoms, but not quite there yet. Started on Tamoxifen 5 weeks ago and Zoladex 10 days ago. I was told by my GP that if I was going to get side effects from the Zolodex that I would start to feel them within 2 or 3 days. So far I have not noticed any effects from either drug and am keeping fingers crossed that it stays that way. Don’t know if being already part way through menopause lessens the impact? Got to be easier than it for those poor ladies who are much younger and seem to feel like they’ve been hit by a truck.
Sarah x


It’s day 6 and I’m getting mild hot flushes a few times a day now, but not enough to bother me. (I used to get only a few a week.) I haven’t any muscle pain, but I do feel that my muscles feel weaker and more tired, especially my legs. It’s as though they are not working as well as they should. They sometimes feel like they do after exercise, and I feel the need to stretch the muscles.

I have been trying to build up my stamina (since node sampling surgery) by having a walk most days. The other day I did the same walk as usual, but found it much more effort for my legs and had to walk more slowly.

I’ve been typing on the computer a lot this afternoon and now my arms are starting to feel the same.

Enough for now, tea is nearly ready (hubby is cooking steak and it smells lovely - yum yum)