Just waiting now......................



I was suffering with breast pain which was unusual for me and had been planning on seeing my doctor when the appointment for my 3 yearly mammogram came through. I mentioned it on the forms and had my mammograms and toddled off home to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the garden!!

I then had a recall - so trotted off for that - and that is when the unease and worry began to set in. Lovely though all the staff were at the hospital - I felt like I was being treated differently - their demeanor/attitude was so different to previous visits when I’d had cysts aspirated and was sent home with the all clear - no need to worry.

For starters the radiographer seemd to assume I knew why I was there - nope!! Just had a recall - no details given. So first thing - magnified mammograms - ok and then ultrasound - ok with that too. Been there done that too. Saw the consultant who did the ultrasound and said there was a 90mm line which they wanted to investigate. We need to do a biopsy from each end of the line - but can’t see it on the U/S so need to do it with the mammogram machine. That was different!!  and took me totally out of my comfort zone!! The staff were lovely and talked me through every step they were doing - an hour later and I’m having a brew when they let my daughter join me. 

A BC nurse joined us and rather than answering questions we had -seemed evasive and with hindsight was gathering a clinical history from me. We were given a telephone number to call if we had any further questions and told try not to worry!! Bit perverse but heyho!! Next appointment in five days time!!

Well I did have questions and unfortunately the nurse that phoned back was the one who had been evasive and I said so!!:womanfrustrated: but as my appointment was the next day - I decided not to pursue it beyond the specific questions I had.

Next day - we are back at the hospital - when the bombshell was dropped! The consultant was lovely - and went through what had been found - and possible options of treatment - but appointment made for 4 days later with the Breast Surgeon. The nurse in the meantime - a different one to the first time - laid the groundwork (if you like) for radical treatment. She didn’t actually say anything specific but if we asked the questions we got the answers.

The surgeon went through a comprehensive list of options/treatments some of which wouldn’t be suitable as radiotherapy is now quite likely too and implants don’t do well with RT. So a free DIEP flap is on the cards - now waiting for appointment from plastic surgeon.

When my BC nurse rang me earlier she said that I had two areas which were of concern - the first was DCIS with no invasion and the second area was also DCIS but with little areas of invasion. But in general lots of DCIS all over:mansad: It is hormone receptive which means Tamoxifen or similar and they are still waiting on the results for the HER?

So that’s me in a nutshell - and just waiting for the next step!!




Hiya swampy, good to meet you but sorry it is here not sipping martinis in the sunshine?


I’m a month post MX and DIEP after diagnosis of non invasive DCIS, and you’ll find lots of us on this forum. 

Your account is familiar, from something that seems  minor and then edging into something more  serious and then the M word.

All I can say is ask all the questions you want to, from the surgeons and nurses, till you feel you can make the best decision for you. 

And keep coming back to this forum, you will find information, comfort and a place to be thoroughly peed orf when you need to be. 

I did go for a second opinion as I was so floored by the suggestion of a MX, but had exactly the same advice,which did make me clearer that that was most likely the best way ahead.

So, hope you get lots of information  and support , and that all goes well for you, with all best wishes, Caroluna


just wanted to echo Caro, its such an overwhelming time at first - lots of information to take in and question marks, very tiring and bewildering in my experience. It does start to settle down, tho I am going back round another lot of investigations just now after right mx and left surgical biopsy. Hope you have a supportive team around you, be kind to yourself and look for whatever support you need - the forum is a great help :slight_smile: xx