just wanted to say hello


I’m new here and just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

I went to the GPs a few weeks ago because my left breast felt much more lumpy than usual and a definately quite tender. (my left breast has always been a bit on the lumpy side and I’ve always just thought this was just ‘normal’ for me)

I was referred to the breast clinic and had an appointment a week ago. They did a mammogram and an ultrasound which they said showed no abnormal features. The consultant said that because the left breast was “palpable as an asymetrical abnormality”, he wanted to do a fine needle cytology, but that his feeling was that it was just “simple cyclical hormonal breast change”. He did the fine needle thing the same day and said he would write to me with the results.

I was feeling ok and reassured by what he said until friday just gone, when I received a letter saying that they had discussed my needle biopsy in the weekly meeting, and that there were some “slight abnormalities which are not in themselves terribly worrying but that they would like to reassess me”. They have booked me an appointment for the 8th February.

How can any slight abnormality not be terribly worrying? I am worried sick, and I’m thinking all sorts of worrying thoughts. Should I be worried? Has anyone else had similar?

Crazywoman x

i know this is a difficult time for you the waiting is the worst, I was told it was possibly hormonal even my GP thought the same, it was only my intuition that kicked in and I actually went back to my GP and asked to be referred, god know’s where I would be now if I hadn’t,

I too had a fine needle biopsy, this came back okay,I then had a tissue biopsy, which came back inconclusive, and i then to wait another week when they did another one by ultrasound, this drove me stir crazey.
I was different in that a lump had shown on my mammagram, and they knew it had to be removed,but they wanted obviously to know what they where removing!!

I know the waiting is the hardest part, and I do wish you all the best, and I have my fingers crossed for you that you’ll be fine.


Hello, i’m new to this forum. I have been reading about people’s experiences and just seeing so much courage, determination and strength coming through is amazing. I lost my mum to ovarian cancer, my sister to breast cancer, my aunt to breast cancer and my cousin had a masectomy, (all maternal side), I have now found a lump in my right breast about the size of a plum and have been referred to the breast clinic urgently on Wednsday. Needless to say I am worried sick and have been having sleepless nights thinking all sorts of doom and gloom. However i’m more upbeat during the day and keep telling the lump to go away, I just hope it’s good news…

It is best to be sure, really sure.
I had a similar thing;I had a lump I could feel and after three mammos and three ultra’scans was assured it was “dilated milk ducts”. I then asked to be referred to another Hospital, and they straight away took a biopsy of the lump. It was inconclusive, so I too had to go back and have the “tumour” removed. At first they could find nothing, but after a week, they found a malignant lump right in the very middle of the tumour ( or the dilated ducts as the other Hospital put it !). I then had a full mastectomy. I tell you this, not to frighten you, but just to illustrate how important it is to get things right, and take the right treatment immediately. I am 100% fine now.

Hi again, thanks for the replies ladies, I’ve just spoken to the breast care nurse at the hospital to see if she could give me any further information. She said the result was a C3, she explained that it is suspicious but probably benign. She said they will probably do more tests next week and if it’s still inconclusive then they will possibly remove the lumpy area surgically.