Just wanting to share symptoms before doc appointment

Hi! Just wanted to talk to someone that knows a little about this subject! This will be a long one :confused:
Having some issues around one breast which on their own wouldn’t annoy me but together have really got me worrying. Firstly I had a small pimple like lump on my breast, this hasn’t changed or went away in over 6 months now, I got that checked a good few months ago and my doctor didn’t think it was anything to worry about (on the skin). More recently, about 2 months ago I noticed a small dark brown circle on my nipple, which may just be a new mole (it does look like one) and just under a month ago I found a small lump under my arm (smaller than a pea). Neither of these have changed and I’m seeing my doctor on Monday to show them to her. I do check my breasts and haven’t felt any lumps within the tissue apart from what I’ve described above.

I’m just 23 but I am overweight.

I’m not really sure what I’m here for, I guess if anyone had any thoughts on my symptoms it would be great to hear. I’m just stressing out about the possible outcomes.

Hi Christy,

You’ve done all you need to by seeing your GP.

Your GP may refer you to the breast clinic, but don’t read anything into this, as this would be standard procedure for any breast change that needs investigating. 

Especially of someone your age bc would be extremely rare & in the vast majority of cases, there is a benign reason for any breast change.

See what your GP says & take it from there. 

ann x